4DP vs Half Monty results

Full Frontal (6 May) - FTP 261, MAP 336, LTHR 167 (max 174)
Half Monty (16 Sept) - FTP 259, MAP 325, LTHR 161 (max 173)

The LTHR from FF implied a max of 175+ (and I’ve hit 180 in the last 2 years) but I couldn’t get near that on races this year. I also struggled with MAP sessions in workouts - 336 felt high. So the updated results from Half Monty feel about right. Not bad to see a slight drop as I’ve been doing unstructured training across the summer (messing about on the mountain bike :slight_smile: )

All purpose road plan now loaded up, will do another half monty at the end of it to see the results


Thank you for the responses.

My pacing on the 5 minute MAP effort was pretty consistent. I held my speed and power pretty steady the entire 5 minutes and just barely held on until the end of the 5 minutes.

And of course, now that I’ve posted all this, I was gifted a new Kickr Core and that has seriously changed all my numbers and my training. I have just a week and a half left in my training plan, so I’m going to wait until the end to do a new FF 4DP test. It will be interesting to see how my numbers change from testing using virtual watts to much more accurate real power using my new Kickr Core.

What I’ve found so far is that sprinting power and recovery power are far different animals when comparing real power to virtual power.

I’ve long felt I had no sprint power until I realized that hitting really high virtual wattage was nigh impossible since power and speed are pegged to each other on a manual trainer. Now that I have a true power meter I’m seeing much higher sprint power numbers which is heartening. Nothing World Class, mind you, but at least easily higher than 502w.

Conversely, I used to find it very easy to spin out at 115-128 virtual watts which was around 11-12mph. A typical active recovery session at 115w would get me somewhere between 5.5 to 6 miles in 30 minutes. Now, on the Kickr Core, 100w is 14.5mph and 115w is over 15mph. My active recovery sessions are now getting me around 7.5 miles. And they definitely feel a lot more difficult.

I am still hitting my same FTP numbers (255w) in my workouts. So, I’m wondering why the recovery efforts seems to be so much more difficult.

Anyway, I’m rambling off topic. It’ll be interesting to see my new 4DP numbers in a couple weeks!

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Hey - no such thing as rambling - and congrats on the new trainer. All makes complete sense by the way :slight_smile:

You’ll massively enjoy having that accuracy I suspect, and your timing is impeccable having a 4DP coming up too so that the next block can be based on whatever that gives you - have fun when that 4DP comes along :slight_smile:

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