4DP vs Half Monty results

Are you following a plan? If so I’d put a HM in towards the end of your next rest week, otherwise do it when you’re next rested. If not, you’ve had a couple of rest days, as long as you’re feeling good then have a go tomorrow?

My power profile is skewed towards the anaerobic side like you, and I find very good consistency between HM and FF. I think the trick with HM is to follow the instructions to the letter, especially on the lead in sections towards the ramp and constrained effort so that it can correctly do the calculations for the heart rate section.

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Week before was pretty light. I had just come back from a week’s vacation where I rode quite a bit (about 760 TSS in the week). Came back to a 24 hr shift and a few busy days at work so I was decently rested from a workout perspective, so basically:
Hard ride monday: 2 loops of a mountain climb. Hit a PR of 215W 20 min power (but bunch of anaerobic efforts in there).
Then the 4DP test was that friday after 3 days off. I do have to admit that I’m pretty bad at pacing these and much prefer ramp tests because of the mental aspect of them.

I started doing the All Purpose Road plan with a few other workouts thrown in depending on what I have going on that week since I’m used to slightly higher volume than included in this plan. I’ve done a few workouts in it already and only found one of them to be challenging. For many of them, I was just confused in a “i dont get why I’m doing this” kind of way.

I did 3x10 min intervals at 200 on friday evening, with 5 mins rest at 170 for an sst workout with ‘recovery’ at tempo. That was kinda hard. I would likely have had to dig pretty deep if I’d wanted to do a 4th interval.

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I wrote the bellow back on Jun 29th but I’m still waiting for a closure.
After that I did complete another Half Monty that still gave me a FTP of 234W which I believe to be way off most because I’m not able to complete the most basic workout like The Way Out with that.
"Jun 29, 2020, 12:12 PM CDT
Hi Guys,
These results IMHO are completely wrong not only based on my RPE but in your own numbers (a MAP higher than the AC…) . Rising my FTP lowering my LTHR? and several others sources that I use in parallel. I explain:

  1. Garmin Fenix 5x gave me today a rise of my FTP from 207W to 218W … acceptable.
  2. I’ve XERT installed in the same watch and it showed an 210W FTP … acceptable.
  3. Since the Lockdown I’ve started using Golden Cheetah and the Banister model ( see picture attached) is the one which, based on my RPE, looks more close to my RPE and the efforts I’ve been doing climbing several hill on Rouvy.
  4. Find attached also a ramp test that I did more recently where I’ve got the 207W ftp that I was using as a base for training.
  5. I didn’t input that ftp on Suffer for not messing with my last 4DP numbers and because we haven’t got this done in order to make Half Monty.
    In summary : based on my last rides there is no way I can hold 232W for one hour! Maybe 210/215 W . But also not at 146bpm …. I can hold 150/152bpm almost indefinitely….


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Hi @Gato_Felix

To help as much as possible … how do you find using your last set of 4DP numbers in workouts?

I’ve decide to use Suffer @91% (=213W) instead 234W from the test because I did The Way Out @93% on sept. 30th but I found to be out.
As you can see the workout ended up to be above Sweet Spot’s workout.

At least the last test brought me to a LTHR of 150bpm which I’ve found to be in sync but even though.


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Great plan. I’d stick with that, and plan a future 4DP after you’ve been through a few weeks (or months)


Where did you post originally, because as far as I can see this was your first post on the forum?

I’m not quite sure what you mean by:

Any chance of sharing your AC/MAP/FTP?

What do you use to record power? Are you on a smart trainer? Separate power meter?

I’m on smart trainer Wahoo Snap. Spindown every week. No variation on that regard.
Garmin Fenix 5x.

Half Monty of Aug. 1st.


Half Monty of Sept 5th.

Where did you get a “MAP higher than AC” from?

Just a quick one. I have HM this week halfway through Metric Century plan. Will the results change my 4DP numbers for the rest of the plan?

HM will change your FTP, MAP, and LTHR values, but not your AC, NM or rider profile.

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Roger That

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We want to make sure those target’s aren’t getting easier as you get fitter :wink:
Think of it as a midway check in…

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So, Spectacular failure on HM today, only got through 5 ramp sections. Quads were burning and brain was telling me that today was not the day for suffering! At first I was crestfallen but collected my thoughts and thought about my options. I loaded up Cash Register (on my strengths list) completed that and felt really good for it.
Decided just to carry on with second half of 12 week plan with existing numbers. Next week I have Nine hammers then Who Dares the day after, that’s a decent enough challenge to keep me motivated, and as I always say…Onwards and Upwards.


Full Frontal test results mid September (@72.8kg):
FTP - 302 watts - Functional Threshold Power - 20-minute
MAP - 355 watts - Maximal Aerobic Power - 5-minute
AC - 443 watts - Anaerobic Capacity - 1-minute
NM - 708 watts - Neuromuscular Power - 5-second
LTHR - 168 BPM - Lactate Threshold Heart Rate

All In For Cyclists - 4 week block completed

Easy week with Half Monty this morning (@71.6kg):
FTP - 322 (+20) watts - Functional Threshold Power - 20-minute
MAP - 382 (+31) watts - Maximal Aerobic Power - 5-minute
LTHR - 161 (-7) BPM - Lactate Threshold Heart Rate

Obviously pleased with the FTP and MAP, but can’t quite figure out the LTHR? Is the decrease a good thing? What does a lower number show / indicate?

Reading the notes, it looks like I shouldn’t touch my 4DP and just let the software adjust FTP / MAP for my new values?

4 weeks of Speed Demon starting on Monday, then 4 weeks more until I Storm The Castle!


Can’t answer you properly on the LTHR, but I wouldn’t worry too much as HR is so variable. I’d go with whichever you feel is more accurate.

On the power numbers, some great figures to be proud of there :+1:t2:

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Lower LTHR also means that your heart is working less heart to maintain your LT-Power. That’s a good thing. But as alistair said, HR is variable enough that it could have been a combo of sleep and the gear you picked for the effort.

I wouldn’t read into it too much, but if anything it’s a good thing imho as less HR is required to reach a steady state for lactate clearance.