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How do I clear my downloaded videos?


Hi there. If you just go in to the workout list and click on the green tick (which shows a workout is downloaded) you’ll be asked if you want to delete and then say yes basically.

That help?

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Thanks Sir Martin. Have you suffered today? Yes, that will do. I remember in a previous version that you could clear your download cache. Am I correct in saying there really is no need to clear downloads as we get notified if a newer version of a previously downloaded video is available?

All the best,

Sir Todd KoS


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Hi. That is correct. Updated videos are notified in the app automatically.

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Do you, guys, plan to make Calibration Spindown inside the Sufferfest App ?
And also some time-to-time reminder about that?

Cause its not very comfortable and strange to use Wahoo Fitness app to calibrate my Kickr and then do the actual trainings in Suff App.

Best Regards


I am also interested in such improvements for the Calibration Spindown. It is not top of mind at all for me to regular calibrations; today my first one since like 5 months (of which 2 months intensive training). Didn’t work very well for me from the Wahoo app either. Does someone know if it is really important to do every few weeks, e.g. for accuracy, or is not a problem at all as long as you Suffer?

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Hello! I have a few questions, if anyone can help out. How do you delete downloaded content in order to manage storage? Also, is there a way to make the effort/resistance more difficult when in ERG mode? Last, is there a way to change the downloaded plan for the Tour from Beginner to Intermediate? Thank you!

Hi there … and welcome.

  1. the post further up this thread on deleting videos explains that - untick the video in the workout list is th short answer though.

  2. Can you provide some context to this.
    If you’re using erg then the power is the power on a smart trainer … so are you trying to make it ERG +/- a percentage (you can change the workout settings to do that via the settings icon and then set all metrics higher or lower or even do individual metrics higher or lower) or is it something else?
    The idea behind erg is the trainer is riding to your settings. See attached picture fir an example when in the app on iOS but it’s the same elsewhere. windows. Select the marked checkbox if you want to adjust them individually.
    You can also use shortcuts on the keyboard to adjust this while riding as well

  1. And last but not least yes you can change the plan.

Check the current end date if your plan (for reapplying the next one) which you can get my selecting your current plan in the calendar.

Select the plan from your calendar and delete it (past workouts remain in your calendar).
Then apply a new one with the same end date and it will ignore anything up till now and just apply your intermediate plan from now until the end date you provide it with.

That all make sense.

Pls shout if you need screenshots or anything to help.