Adjustment of Workout Settings?

I did a Half Monty test today and got new values for FTP, MAP and LTHR.
But Workout settings are not updated.

I thought those would be adjusted automatically.
Should I edit those manually?

It should all be adjusted automatically. Happy suffering!

No, they are not adjusted automatically on my account.

Note that half monty doesn’t update your rider profile but it should update your numbers. If not drop the minions an email.

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Yes, your values should have updated. There is a known bug with the Half Monty updates not showing in the iOS version of the app, so if you are on an iphone/ipad that might be the issue.

Yes I’m using an IPad.
But is the only problem that correct values are not shown?
Will workouts still be adjusted according to my values?

Unfortunately no. You’ll need to go into your activity history, find your Half Monty ride, write down your new values. Then go to navigate to “Workout Settings” where you can then manually enter your new values. Sorry, it’s a bit of a hassle! It is an issue we are working towards solving.

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