All In Suffering

After having been a Zwift user for the past couple of years, I have just transferred over to “The Dark Side” to give Sufferfest a go.

I completed the Full Frontal test last week , and just loaded up the “All In Training Plan - Cycling” as am used to doing x5 workouts per week, but was surprised yesterday by how easy the workout was (The Wretched) then realized after reading the notes it was reduced intensity due to " These 4-week plans place less stress on your immune system while leveraging cross-training and mental toughness sessions to improve full-body strength and help you develop new skills." It was show that I should be in Z5 HR on the video, when I’m not even in Z3…

What’s the thoughts on doing them at 100% of 4DP as full training. This week should be:
Tues - The Wretched, Weds - GCN - Max Efforts Minimum Time, Thurs - Nine Hammers, Fri - Who Dares.

I’m assuming, that because I haven’t moved the order of the workouts they should build, but not destroy me? Worst case I give it a go and crash and burn?

Hi @caashford, and welcome to The Sufferfest. :slight_smile:

You could try to go with a higher intensity for these workouts, but it will be difficult to judge at which point the coaches would recommend a lower intensity on purpose. Most “normal” plans work on a 2:1 schedule (with two harder “on” weeks and a recovery week).

If you plan your training load too high, you are risking injury and won’t see the progression you are probably hoping for. After all, rest periods are vital to your gains.

Is there any reason why you are already set on the All-In plan?

You can select plenty of other plans with only indoor riding and 5+ days of training. The most popular for first timers will probably be the All-Purpose Road plan - my personal favorite.
It‘s a 12 week plan with a fitness test (half monty) in the middle and another 4DP at the end. You can scale the plan to your desired level: novice/intermediate/advanced.

Make sure to also try the excellent yoga, strength and mental toughness programms. It will help you become an even more well rounded athlete.

I am sure we will find a fitting plan and get you to really suffer. :wink:

I am not familiar with that plan but generally when a plan has strength and/or a higher volume of training the intensity may be reduced. All in Cycling appears to be a one month plan that perhaps is a stepping stone to some of the longer plans.

Here is a link on what to do on good / bad days that might help with intensity adjustments.

Also, depending on the type of workout you were doing, heart rate may not be as good of an indicator for the situation. Here is a link to SUF’s info on HR.

I would suggest continuing and making small adjustments and get the hang of the program. Don’t worry - Gunther Von Agony will definitely find you at some point.

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Hi @caashford,
Welcome to the dark side. Those “All-In” Plans came out in the early stages of CoVid and were intended to be all-“indoors” as opposed to all-in as far as effort. During this time most people were faced with a couple of scenarios. Not being able to go outside to ride, run, swim or lift as well as the uncertainty of risk for illness. With that in mind, many sessions have reduced intensity parameters around them allowing more variety in the plan. I would not recommend doing the plan at 100%. In fact, even though I admire your ambition to do the week that you mentioned at full gas, this would leave most folks broken and whimpering. Beyond that it would not be a good training stimulus.

However if you want to keep the plan and make it a bit more challenging I would consider doing one of the workouts early in the week at 100% then reducing the next. With the week you described, The wretched at reduced intensity as it won’t fully blast you, then coming back to GCN Max efforts at 100%- You want to be fresh for this! Follow with Nine hammers at reduced intensity (this is a MAP workout that you need to be fresh to get the gains for if you are doing it full gas) Then Friday, Starting Who Dares at full intensity depending on how you feel - then backing off if you can’t hold the targets.

I hope this is helpful. There is not just 1 right way to do it but there is a wrong way. That would be doing all of them at 100%.



Speaking for myself, trying to do The Wretched and Nine Hammers at 100% within two days of each other would make me cry and curl up into a ball.


What @SirElisKoS said. I can’t see how that’s even an option … but that could be weakness

Cheers all! I’m just going to stick with the sessions (and target power) as per the plan. I have had to move some around based on personal availability (weekends are for outdoor riding), but letting the plan adjust the intensity of the 4DP. I’m sure it will be challenging enough by the end of each week that I will appreciate the rest!