Android update please?

Hi all, first post and from what I’ve seen, a repeated request… Any idea when we will be able to use SUF on Android
Purchase of my smart trainer is on hold until such time there’s some concrete news.
Many thanks


Hey David,
Thanks for the inquiry, this thread has the most recent update on Android:

Many thanks, although an estimated date would be nice just to give us an idea of what time scale we’re looking at :+1:

As a beta tester I have to be careful with what I say, but…

I would suggest that the Android aspect of it is pretty much good to go, it works really well and is a big step up on the previous mobile experience.
However, as David mentions in the linked article above, the new Android experience is tied to a completely new platform release and given that fact, there is a lot for them to check through.
I’ve definitely seen software released in a far worse state than the beta is currently in (which is very good IMO), but I can understand that as this is essentially a complete platform re-launch they want to make sure everything is as good as possible.

For the people waiting for platform support I can understand this is a hugely frustrating wait, but believe me (in my opinion) you will be getting a far better platform once they hit the release button, on Android and everywhere else, than if they’d simply focused on making Android work on the current platform.


Many thanks Jon, I’ll get my smart trainer ordered asap​:+1::+1::+1:

I have to say, that overall, I have been pretty disappointed with sufferfest as an application. I had numerous issue with the elite trainer which were never resolved. We have seen no significant updates or platform updates in what feels like a long long time. We keep getting promised android support/significant updates but nothing has materialised so far. Meanwhile competitors are introducing some fairly compelling new features.