ANNOUNCING: The New Sufferlandrian Flag & Coat of Arms

In a boring meeting, off-topic…

@Pierre.Weikamp looks great to me :+1:

Knight of, could be added

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I’m not allowed to produce Knightwork (Knight+Artwork, get it?), yet. :wink:


I understand… my access to the Prep to knighthood FB was granted yesterday :muscle:

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Well if we’re just talking fan art, created to relieve boredom, I mashed this one up the other week. Bit of the old and bit of the new. If you look closely it’s actually a different goat but it was available as a transparent png on t’internet so easier to use (and you’d probably have to be a copyright lawyer to spot the difference so close enough). Facing “dexter” (aka the correct way), “attired” and “unguled” (yeah I also read up heraldic imagery during the period of boredom). I have no intention of opening this image again, was just a bit of graphic relief (oo er missus).


Good work Pierre. I’ve been meaning to do inverted options of the ones that I did (ie on a white background)…but haven’t got around to it…too busy on the TOS :rofl:

Do you mind if I use this image?

I don’t mind. Don’t know about SUF. In theory my image could be considered a trademark infringement. My image is only meant to showcase the idea for a 2.0 version - in this thread.

I’m still pretty new here. I don’t know how SUF handles this kind of thing. But I’m naive and optimistic.


The use I am thinking is just for profile pics (personal use) etc, no monetary markteting etc.

I like your goat but there’s something wrong with its eyes :wink:

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Ha, yeah, they follow you around the room. And I’m pretty sure I was riding the Omnium when I created this graphic mashup so the laser goat had no reason to make an appearance :wink:

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Well that helps to quash the rumour that the only vid you’ve ever done is Violator :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: