ANNOUNCING: The new Sufferlandrian National Team Kit

with cm and kg :face_with_monocle:

Sorry about that @Martin, did not mean for it to come across that way, intended for a light ironic and banter-ish tone but I guess that is not always easy to convey in writing :wink:

Thanks to you too @Danilo_Kress!


I am same height as you @KevinD and a tad heavier, I would go for the Large.

Assuming also that the example image reflects the “normal” sleeve length?

These new kits are so awesome! I’m so uber excited about how cool these Laser Goat socks are! Can’t wait to show off in the full SUF armour and of course that KoS jersey.

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Might go with the large as well then, I do prefer a snug fit rather than wearing a parachute in windy Ireland! Would be good to have a comparison with other brands, i.e. Cuore large similar to a Santini large etc.

I’d assume that as well unless they state otherwise. Sleeveless anyone? :joy: :joy:

I’m 5’ 10" (5’ 11" on a good day) and around 175-185 lbs. I almost always buy a medium. My Voler tri-club kit is also a medium. It’s a bit tight, but that’s the way I want/need it. I’ve bought jerseys from a number of sources. Most of them say they might run a bit small. But every time I order a large they are a bit on the baggy side and don’t fit snuggly on my arms. So, I am assuming a medium for this kit will likely fit the same. If not, I’ll just have to drop some extra weight. I’d rather race closer to 170-165, anyway. Not that I’ve ever been that weight before. But, I’d like to. lol.

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Copied from my FB post in case it helps…

Someone asked about sleeve and leg lengths of the new kit earlier. This is the same cut so hopefully it helps.

These are XXL bib and top with all regular lengths. I’m 181cm(5’11ish) with a 198cm arm span (6’6 I think), not sure in leg measurement but I can check. I’m 95kg(15st) if that helps as well. Only thing I’d say is that as I have slightly long legs for my height, the length of the jersey could probably do with shortening for me. Other than that it all fits really well and I ordered based directly off their size chart.


5’11” and 160 lb. I have just gotten Col Collective kit from same manufacturer. I got medium and it fits but just, with 2” added to bibs. ink I will go M Jersey but large bibs. Just so there’s a little more leeway. I like Jersey tight sit doesn’t sag in the back when you load up pockets.


Looks great!
I better start saving!


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@KevinD and @Magnito i am right around you guys, 6ft/184cm and 170-175lbs 77-79 kgs. I usually get large and they typically fit well. Though my last sufferfest jersey was a bit short. I might opt for the extra inch/2.5 cm in length on the jersey.


Just a thought, but rather than messing about with discount codes, when you become a knight Sufferfest could just send you $999,871 in cash. Once you’ve banked it you can then add $129 of your own money and buy the jersey. Makes sense to me. :smiley:


Their Jersey was exceptionally short. The standard jerseys of last times company (Champion System) are pretty bad. We had a team jersey which was also way too short. The higher ones, race fit etc., were much better.

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Not sure about the Goat to be honest, just seems tacky. Coats of Arms is good though but as for kit, why wasn’t the kit Le Col, most of the indoor kit is Wahoo branded so I would have thought that was a given. I would love Le Col Suf kit

I agree but I think it’s a matter of availability. The previous problem with kits was they would make a batch run then sell it off and you might or might not get your size. I’m only speculating but SUF is a subset of the Wahoo universe and at least for now the kit sales are at least on a real volume basis pretty low. Knights kits are even more specific. Since the new kit is made to order you know it’s 6-8 weeks rather than months until you can get your stuff. If we bike up the Sufferlandrian population enough it will be easier for them to stock sizes. I suspect there will be some upcoming limited edition “ buy it now or go home “ kit like the Sufferlandrian national champion Jersey of a few years back. But I probably works better. They still need the winter sheepskin jacket to make a reappearance as well. I got one and it’s awesome. I have a couple Cuore pieces and they’re quite nice too


@David.McQuillen.KoS did I read it right that they also ship from Europe? If that’s the case, then that’s a deal maker for me!

Where in Europe do they come from please? Need to work out if there’s going to be any importation cost to the UK now we’ve the divorce has been completed!!


@Sir_Paul sadly shipping from Switzerland has ironically broken things for the Uk. This from Cuore at the end of last week:
That is a very good question and to be honest I’m trying to gather some more info on that with the help of our EU office. The whole Brexit thing is a mess and we are looking into some of those lower values that might pass through customs easier and help avoid any additional costing. We should have a much better idea next week on how we can navigate things before the first batch of orders goes to production. I can update you next week with the info I get.
which has since been followed by one of the folks getting a response today (thanks Gordon) that said something like:

Unfortunately it isn´t possible to deliver to UK regarding the BREXIT problems.
We are already working on a solution and hope to be able to deliver to UK again soon

And the website is now closed to anyone in the Uk for ordering - see attached pic. though in theory they have left a door open to contact them direct but that seems crazy with the number of people trying to order.

PS. It could be because while it’s called Cuore of Switzerland, it’s actually a Germany HQ or office and I think we can get stuff from Switzerland, but not from the main EU bloc (unless vat is collected and accounted for direct to the UK)

PPS. It’s the same with bike part shops … eg check out and select anything and tell them you’re from the Uk and they just say they won’t ship to the Uk.
It seems like it’s all shut down for now.

Oh dear! I’ll wait for the boarders to open again and just go get one I think. Probably easier… and cheaper!

Thanks for all the info! Sooner or later (definitely later) I will have that jersey!!