Any word on a Android App yet?

I know Suffer said they were working this but any word as we Android lovers approach 2021?

Good things come to those who wait.


from another thread if all goes to plan it will be released February

Why was it originally made for the apple software only? Was it in anticipation that they would dominate the market?

The target market of fitness people is dominated by iOS users (~62% vs Android ~37% - DC Rainmaker). It makes sense to first grow there and once the user-base is big enough take in Android for further growth. Additionally iOS users are way more willing to pay for services.

The development, testing and support effort for hundreds of different Android Devices from different Company’s and different Bluetooth Stacks using a plethora of different Android Versions and GPUs is huge compared to some Apple Devices using almost the same up to date Operating System.

A “simple” App with Graphics, and surprisingly Bluetooth sounds like a standard but it is not that easy when catering lots of different Devices, Operating Systems and Versions. Not to speak of the suffering with testing and technical support. A lot of company’s have almost a hundred or more Android devices for this purpose alone.
Even Strava tried to drop Bluetooth Support for some time because of the effort. But brought it back after some time, probably due to high demand.

So I wish the SUF Team the best of luck on tackling this big step forward on conquering a new Ecosystem :slight_smile:

See here DC Rainmaker’s comment:

Which is another important item to point out. Still, somehow, unexplainably, there isn’t an Android app yet. Now those of you that are regulars here know I’m first to debunk usage of the stat that ‘Android is 86% of smartphones’, and yes, that’s true, if you count budget Android devices in China and India that are never going to use SufferFest.

They aren’t the target market. One must always cater to your actual target market.

Instead, most companies I talk with have stats that roughly mirror the stats here on the site: A 62%/37% split in favor of iOS devices (mobile user only stats for last 7 days for DCR). Oh, and there’s just under 1% of people using all the other craziness you see below.


That’s just the reality of the target consumer for smart trainers/apps/devices. It doesn’t match worldwide usage, and that’s OK.

Still, that’s not an excuse anymore . It’s 2018 going on 2019 and there’s no current plans for Android on the docket. That’s a problem.

Going fast forward it now is 2021 and the Android App is almost finished. Way to go SUF :+1:

No current plans? It’s literally in beta testing.

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@titanicus that article is quite old now.

Hi @Germanrazor - to answer your first question (and some of the subsequent ones, and as already noted in this thread) Android is in beta just now.

Per @David.McQuillen.KoS note in November
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