Becoming a Dad: Advice from Parents on training

To everyone who replied to me original post , thank you :pray: for the feedback insights and experience!

After posting, I went a little quiet … as a few days later our baby daughter arrived into this world! I am biased … but she is awesome!!!

Needless to say my sense of what is and what is not a priority has completely changed :slight_smile: … as one poster said a new normal!

I am still putting aside the time (flexible) to train albeit with some shorter sessions. I actually found it keeps me balanced and even with minimal sleep and low energy levels it gives me a boost (“Recharger” anyone!!).

Will stick to doing what I can over the coming 2-3 months or at least until a semblance of routine and sleep is established … then will rethink what I can focus on for 2021.

Thanks all


I agree wholeheartedly with this. My being healthy and able to play with this kids and do it for a long time is one of my biggest motivations for staying fit (other than my own enjoyment and competitiveness).

@Joe Take your time and enjoy your new little one! They grow up so fast. Everyone tells you that, and I rolled my eyes at everyone because I knew it was true, but being in the middle of it I feel it every day and I still can’t help but repeat it. My daughter has changed my world and I love it. I can’t wait for her to get older and I never want her to get older all at the same time. :heart:



Congratulations! :smiley:

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That sounds like a sensible approach. Just doing enough to retain most of your pre-baby fitness would be a great result over the next year.

The problem with establishing a “routine” is the constant state of flux where babies are concerned! For example, at first they are pretty static and you can always find them where you last left them. So you can often find yourself with a spare hour or two while they are having a nap. Simples. But then suddenly they start crawling about, which is the first big game-changer. Then you have to watch them like a hawk for several YEARS! At 11 and 8 ours are now just about capable of surviving unattended for maybe an hour, lol


Congratulations on your new arrival Joe.

I was given my first turbo trainer for my birthday, shortly before the arrival of our 3rd child, by my thoughtful wife, who foresaw the days of going out for rides were over for a while. I used to put the baby down for naps in a travel cot in my pain cave (corner of the kitchen), the white noise of the turbo and the fan didn’t disturb them as long as I kept the music turned down low so found this was an ideal time to squeeze in short but high quality sessions while keeping an eye on them.