Best SUF motivation

While smashing the bike leg at Ironman Austria last year, all I had running through my head was the music and DS from Team Scream saying “we stay aero guys, we stay aero” it definitely helped!
Who else takes the SUF motivation out on the road?


I typically ride solo with no other cyclists around… but when I do see across someone ahead of me… well I get this mental text message in big letters “CLOSE THE GAP!” and being a gap closer and not an opener… LOL

on the tougher climbs a SUF song will start playing in my head. Currently it’s Immune System - Priest of the Wasteland


Since doing The Bat, everytime I run into difficulty in a session, I get the picture of that finish line in my head. I started using it out on some MTB rides and it’s so useful for me to regain focus and belief.


Roads need a little TLC around by me at the moment so I find myself saying ‘back to the bouncy castle’ a lot!!



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My Knights Kit. When I’m out I’m representing. The goal is to do our nation proud and come back totally depleted. I started cramping 20 miles into a 70 mile ride yesterday. Lots of weakness leaving the body.


It’s usually my goal in my head rather than SUF if I’m honest. Like the top of the next hill, the next 10 miles, stuff like that. Or I think about pedalling dynamics that the Infocranks folks do
Good question. I hadn’t thought about it.

Always. My favourite bit is the DS trying not to cry at the beauty of the suffering at the end of DAYT. This will be my final vid when I do my KoS, for this reason.


When things get a little rough or I start to feel a little slow, I start to think about form and how to relax my body.

So I picture the words on the screen telling my to relax my shoulders, move my fingers and toes, not to bounce, smooth pedal strokes. I find that helps me shake things loose and get my head back in the game and back to smashing it.


Yes good call. The FF I felt I best managed to ‘average out a max suffering’ effort was one where I’d reach boiling point, ready to give up and kept relaxing the upper body and telling myself that actually the legs aren’t dead yet.