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I’ve been doing some research to find how I should be training during the next 4 weeks before I start a 13 week strength training focus in mid October. My strength program will include 2 days of lifting and will be the “20” part of the 80/20 training philosophy (ie 80% low intensity/20% high intensity). My 4DP weakness is threshold power so the “Building blocks” plan from the sufferfest plan library with the FTP block Selected seems like a good fit. I’m trying to balance not loosing ground on my fitness gains this year but also use this time as a chance to chill out, since winter will challenge the will power to stick to the plan given I’m a northern Indiana resident and riding is pretty much indoor trainer only in the winter. In short, I’m wondering if the FTP Block or the base block would be better in my situation.


I have recently completed the ftp 4 week plan and really enjoyed it. However it was quite hard at times so perhaps wouldn’t give you the rest that you want.


When choosing a plan there are questions every SUF user should consider:

  1. How much time do I have to train each day?
  2. Which plan best suits my 4DP weakness?
  3. What is the main focus or goal of my training at the end of my plan?

A question specifically for you- How many hours will the 80/20 plan be a week? You do not want to do a plan with 6-8 hours a week and then start a plan that has you doing 20 hours a week? The risk for injury and burn out would be great.
Taking the time to chill and recover before commencing the new plan will be a key tool to your success over the winter months.

I would recommend a 4 week Building Block Plan with yoga.This would give you 3 weeks training with 1 week of recovery before heading into your 13 week program. Since you cannot add strength to the Building Block Plan you could go to the Cross Training tab and follow the next drop down tab to the Beginner 1-2 3 week blocks plan. This combination would maintain your fitness while bolstering your 4DP weakness and giving you a good foundation to start your 13 week program. It will also give you the week of recovery which will be needed before starting a plan of such length.

All the best


I can answer all of those.
i wonder if it’s time for a custom plan again. I did them for 9 months last year … how are you (as coaches) finding them in terms of results? And how are people (customers) finding them in terms of results? Any feedback from having been running them now for 15 months or so in test and live?


@Sir_Martin thanks for asking! We have had a great response to our Training Plans and have an exceptionally high retention rate. Our feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and as far as specific results I can only speak to the ones I have been involved in creating but have 10-30% increases on average… The Training Plans are a perfect fit for a target events and the Customized Plans can dial in specifics even more which usually yield larger gains. The biggest suggestion I would have for those interested in our Training Plans is that the plan and the success will be based on the execution. The progression and sequence of the workouts are purposeful and to stick to it as much as you can. Don’t discount the recovery days or weeks, they are vital to overall gains.


Thanks for the feedback everyone, I’m going with the 3 week base plan to ensure I go into the strength block we’ll rested.

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