Cadence Builds. Maddening

Is anyone else massively frustrated that the final sprint of the race doesn’t show Cav crossing the line? Every time it comes on I’m shouting at the screen, wanting to see him punish the rest of the sprinters, but I get girls cycling in Africa instead. Please - just 30 more seconds of the race, then I’ll happily watch charity footage! :slight_smile:


Great now look what you’ve done. GvA will probably add 30 extra seconds of tough love to make sure you are happy. Then a repeat, in slow motion, just to make sure you see him cross the line…


I’d like to see how those girls are doing today and see more stories from the world bicycle relief.


That works actually be quite cool. IIRC that was 2018 and they were 14-16? Hopefully moved into the next stage of education and still riding.

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Now there’s a thing I’d never noticed. Mark Cavendish or the line :slight_smile:
Really must look at the screen …