Can my 17 year old daughter become a Knight?

My daughter has fully embraced suffering and truly transformed herself in the last 20 weeks. Today she asked me if we could do a knighthood together #prouddad.

We then discovered a “must be 18 years old” clause :frowning:

So she still wants to do it, I have no doubt she can and will. I would just love to have her get the various badges and honors.

As her parent can I “sign a disclaimer” for her to make her attempt official?


Better to ask forgiveness than permission.


Why not your doing it with her. AMaSUFFERING :t_rex::volcano:. I have two daughters I pray to Mt Sufferlandria that we can do a Knighthood Quest Together :crossed_fingers::volcano:

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Due to the extreme nature of the challenge, I’m afraid we only grant Knighthood for adults (18 and up).


In the spirit of context, I’m going to take a punt at this … probably around the nature of the effort being pretty extreme … and 18 covers a lot of countries in terms of being an adult?

Obvs that will mean there’s some times that people will already be perfectly capable, and importantly, be making their own informed choices, but with all such things, whether it’s choosing to drink, marry, whatever, there’s usually an age of self determination type thing ?

That right Sir @David.McQuillen.KoS ?

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Dissenting Opinion

Not in Sufferlandria right now…

I have given David @David.McQuillen.KoS over 7 times the amount of time to respond to a personally Flagged message via the “Forum” as it took him to respond to my post brought by Scott.

It is interesting that Scott’s @Taz question sat unanswered ≈for two days. I made a Positive statement and 19 minutes later David responded.

David, your response to Scott is dismissive at worst and disappointing at best. You are an owner with Panache, the fact that the “UCI and the UN have banned the workouts/ToS:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: is a testament to that.

I am a customer on this the App. I became involved with it because I saw real people who knew how to push themselves/Suffer. David, you have given a typically disappointing corporate response. This is a reasonable request from a customer to an owner of a fitness App that prides itself to push peoples’ abilities to be Better. Not to mention there is no age requirement to purchase the App.

Back to Sufferlandria…

As an Ogre, I am a Beast of action!!! So, Sir McQuillen I will donate 100$ to your first or any challenge in the 2021 ToS to allow Scott’s daughter Knighthood quest now and not at 18. So she can choose to go for Her KoS, when ready!!!

*“Now” is defined as by August 3, 2020, 2359 DST.

Sir Martin @Sir_Martin brings up some interesting points. They are legal aspects of 18 not physical ability, which Sir McQuillen still has not answered in the last day. Knighthood is part of the Sufferlandrian based fitness App. So, what about Olympic gymnasts, they are under 18. Or, any Olympic hopefuls who are pushing themselves every day, they are under 18. What about High School Athletes (14 to 18 years old) who are putting in way more time than Knight’s level workout. How do I know this, I was once that age, or have we all forgotten?

I was doing 2-day Football (American that is for the rest of the World :blush:) Practice Sessions, in August in Denver Colorado. Those workouts were easily over 6+ hours in the heat, no fans, no AC, oh, and at Altitude… did I mention pads and a helmet. I pursued an Olympic Alpine Skiing Goal which was hours of training on and off the Mountain. These younger Sufferlandrians will make us BETTER and PROUD!

We are in difficult times for young people. They have had their sports canceled for the year (in Florida at least). Sufferfest is a healthy and optimum way for a young person to better themselves physically, mentally, and dare I say spiritually (As we all pray to that the Big Gal or Guy upstairs to hold our legs together on whichever bit of Sufferlandria gets to us… for me it’s VIOLATOR :t_rex: :volcano:)

Sir McQuillen, I know we don’t actually know each other, in the psychical world. I do consider you a Friend, because if it were not for finding Sufferlandria App… I’m concerned about how far I would have fallen into Couchlandria. So as a Friend, I’m telling you your zipper is open on this simple request from Scott for his Daughter…I would not be much of a one if I didn’t say something. Pagne on me when we meet :blush:…something from 2017
Oh, how do you like your SufferBeast Cooked?

Sir Shrek KoS, SOC (SEAL) Ret.


Apologies if my answer was too brief or you didn’t feel I responded in time - it can be hard to be across all that goes on in this great Nation or to give each answer its due response. I need to be a bit more mindful when I respond and I’ve learned from this one.

In any case – @Taz: A bit more info: After being approached several times by parents of young ones or young ones themselves (we had people as young as 10 ask if they could become a Knight), I discussed with our Sports Science team and agreed that we can’t sanction such a challenge for ‘youth’ as it’s so extreme. We agreed that we had to draw a line somewhere and chose 18 as the age. Too old? Too young? It’s arbitrary, of course, but it’s the age when a junior racer becomes a senior so it felt right for us. I know that’s hard for parents of kids who want to do the Knighthood challenge – but we have to ask them to just be a little patient…the glory will come.


As David has said, a line has to be drawn somewhere. Younger riders have physiological considerations that are different to adults. Most cycling bodies restrict distance or times that junior riders can race in order to avoid dangerous situations.
As an event organiser myself, I likewise have to restrict what riders are allowed to do based on their age.
Maybe this particular 17yo is fitter than most of us adults, but what about the next 17yo. Or if the limit is changed to 17, then what about the next 16 year old? All it takes is some kid to have a crack at it, get hyponatraemia and collapse, and suddently Sufferfest isn’t looking too popular (unless you’re a lawyer).
Knights have many talents, one of which is patience. She sounds amazing - tell her to bide her time, work on some supervised longer rides and then storm the walls when the time is right!
Anyway, KoS kits aren’t available at the moment, so best to wait. :wink:

PS - this is in no way influenced by the fact that I don’t want a 17yo to beat me to my knighthood. :rofl:


It would be an amazing way to celebrate an 18th birthday!


@David.McQuillen.KoS @ChrisMTB @Taz, Interesting :thinking: I have chores to get to…wish it was THE CHORES instead :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. It’s Stage 4 and the Ladies are calling, I wonder what Female Pro Cyclist would think about this conversation, HELL HATH NO FURRY. If I have enough in the tank after the Stage, I’ll write back to you all today, DST. :rofl:

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Taz. There is a section on the sufferfest website, under Community, that specifically talks about “becoming a Knight of Sufferlandria”

I’ve been reading - and rereading - lately as I’m planning a go at the castle later in September. In that section l, there is a posting of “Rules for a Sufferlandrian Knighthood Attempt”. Some a little tongue in cheek, but the second bullet addresses your question - “you must be at least 18 years old.”

Likely a variety of reasons for that - but as a current minion in the kingdom, that seems to be the rule of the land. I can recall being gear-restricted on both the road and track as a junior - and I know there were reasons for that, but as a 17 year old who could certainly push a bigger gear, it was frustrating (but a rule nonetheless).

What a glorious way to celebrate an 18th birthday - or in my case 50th!


Kurt @Kdfenste . I forgot Good Luck on your 50th B-Day KoS run. I did mine the day before my 47th. It made for one BIG CAKE!!! :joy: :rofl:


Welcome to the conversation. As a Knight, I am well aware of the requirements as is Scott @Taz as an engaged Parent. Scott was simply asking for a waiver. It’s not a rule if there is Not a Waiver.

Kurt @Kdfenste what were those restrictions as a Jr. on you? Do you know why they were there?

Were you restricted in your training? I was not for Football, Cycling, or Alpine Skiing. In fact, I had 223cm Skis going 60 MPH during Downhill races off a Knoll thru the Air with my Mom as the Gatekeeper on the side (I was 13 and 14 years old). Additionally, my younger brother raced the Old Red Zinger Classic, Jr. I was racing collegiately at the time and he could hang with me just fine on a 4+ hour training ride in the Colorado Mountains. Not bad for a 14-year-old :blush: So let’s see some facts about why a 17 or younger Sufferlandrians should Not do a Quest for KoS. And here is a Fact from the Kos Page and the Most Important point to the KoS. One’s ability to Suffer and Age is irrelevant:

“We do not set any kind of performance benchmark for your ride (i.e., how hard you have to go). However, we insist that you do a ride in which you Suffer and which, most importantly, of which you are immensely proud of yourself for having given all you can give and a bit more.”

No one is required to “hurt” themselves physically to do the KoS. If all you can do is hang for the 10 spins you Got it. That is what I LOVE about SUFFERLANDRIA. NO JUDGMENT. Just Good Old-Fashioned Suffering. No Matter who you are: an 80-year-old, Olympic Athlete, Middle-aged Woman or Man bettering themselves…etc. …AND a 17-year-old Sufferlandrian.

So, as I was Suffering thru the Re-Do on the 2014 ToS with a fellow Sufferlandrian, this was on my mind and gave me some serious Motivation. Let’s ALL be Honest. There is no Justification that any of us can give to Scott if his daughter is able to do the KoS. That decision is up to Him as the Parent.

The only Justification given for “No” is, because. Unsupportive at best. @David.McQuillen.KoS If you read the fine print that “because” is simply Corporate CYA, which I DETEST. Especially when individuals attempt to justify it with no facts or use Conjecture. Sad.

Best to you All…Heading to FIGHT CLUB…See You There?


Hello, Everyone.

I found this while browsing for some SUF-related stuff today. Is this legitimate? If so, doesn’t it mean a precedent for underaged Knighthoods exists? It says that the youngest person to earn a Knighthood was 12 years old at the time. @David.McQuillen.KoS @Taz

I found it here:

I don’t mean to stir up a Hornet’s nest, but these young athletes are amazing and deserve our support. If it’s a corporate/legal/physical concern that prevents a positive response, is there any chance to offer a different challenge, with shorter duration and issued exclusively for young athletes, such as becoming a Squire or something similar? From Oxford’s dictionary “Squire: a young nobleman acting as an attendant to a knight before becoming a knight himself.”

Best regards!


+1 for a junior “Knighthood”

Perhaps a gender-neutral title of “The Right Honourable…” would work?

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Thank you Sir Castro! It’s AMaSUFFERING to know there is another Knight out there who can see a reasonable solution to a simple question of, a Father asking to for his 17 year old Daughter to become a Knight, and do it Together.

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