Can we have an Android App

I for one am patiently awaiting an Android app. I have a great tablet and would like to be fit to use it and not have to try and keep pinching my sons ipad. Can the minions please accelerate their efforts in this area.


+1… finger crossed

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It is actively being worked on now! I can’t promise a release date yet, as the work involved touches many parts of what we do but it’s moving along.


haha, this was definitely a contributing factor to me going to Apple - wow was that a slippery slope that made my wallet suffer.


I too have been wanting an android app for a while but after a brief visit to Watopia realised what I actually would prefer is a companion app to complement my W10 PC.


Yes, like Cody said above, we are building it now.


GO!!! Like Fluffy is Chasing :rofl:


If we don’t build an Android App, I feel like people will actually start showing up at my house. Lol.


On a serious note, a lot of people want it and we should provide it for them. I can’t wait for the Android launch. Tons and tons of work though.


Yeah…like, having to reinvent a Saturn 5 Rocket with every new Android Update. It’ll be one heck of a Launch!!! :facepunch: :volcano:
OK, many rounds on me at the Nine Hammers, for your TEAM!!!. I’ll just stick to doing the 2013 ToS…bed time


Do parts before the whole thing? Strength and yoga are just video with no need for the complexity of connecting to and controlling a trainer. Just that functionally would be useful for those of us who use a computer in the bike but want to do the yoga and strength stuff easily when we wake up and don’t have a computer near


All I want from an Android app is the ability to do Strength, Yoga and Mental training sessions. So just the videos. As mentioned above, just saves opening the laptop first thing in morning.


I have Apple laptop and desktop, and even a mini iPad, but can’t wait to be able to get The Sufferfest on my Android, which would make life so much better and easier for me, especially on the go. Thanks for all the work you are doing to make it happen.

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You will get a COVID-19 vaccine before you get an Android App.

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Woah… I asked for one in 2014 on the old site… Can you include Chrome Cast please?
DON’T let that delay the app though! Been waiting six years


Yes to the Chromecast! PLEASE!

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I don’t necessarily want to bump this thread (or do I?), but the anticipation is killing me.
The mass indoor season is upon us, choices -from a consumer perspective- have to be made which app(s) to go ahead with to bridge the autumn/winter months. I assume I’m not the only one who has to make choices w.r.t. subscriptions. I can’t (I won’t) do, and SUF, and Zwift, and TR,…
Some/many(?) people don’t subscribe to SUF just because of the lack of an android platform. I’m not one of those people, but I can follow their logic. There are alternatives.

In that sense, would it be possible to share the roadmap for the app? There’s no perspective.

In another topic I shared my thoughts w.r.t. enabling users to have a vote of at least organize structered input from/for users. It can only make the service better, make users feel appreciated if you share roadmap/progress about the service, make the Sufferfest culture even more popular within the user community,…

Please put this in perspective. I can’t begin to understand what is happening behind the scenes since the acquisition by Wahoo; things which are for sure more important than user participation (aside from the great forum we have now!) at this very moment.

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Not to pile on, but the man has a point. :slight_smile:
The timing would indeed be pretty perfect now.

I am a happy iOS user but will still give my +1 in here. I would like more people to suffer.


The only place I could have really used the android app from my phone was for in the work gym. But as that and the office is predominantly closed, the need for me at least is reduced.
As mentioned in above posts, just having yoga and strength on there would be an amazing start. Appreciate all the minions are doing to make it happen. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


I have a MacBook Air and would like to use a Google Chromecast to stream from my MacBook to my T.V. Is the the same request as an Android APP? I have a limited understanding, but can someone please tell me why I can’t get the website to stream to the Chromecast?