COBBLER is out now!

Completed Cobbler one week after new numbers from 4DP Full Frontal. What a brilliant session - truly awful - but in a really powerful way. I loved it / hated it.
Well done guys.


I ride it yesterday, almost perfect session (music generally I prefer more rock, but it is my taste I admit), great video, great sensations, Wonderfull pop up funny and informative.
Fantastic training session! many many many thanks


Cobbler is fantastic. I love the classics and to have Paris Roubaix the entire ride is awesome. Good soundtrack and hard enough to keep you working for a long period of time.

Attacker is right up my alley. I love this workout and will go down as one of my favorites. Great soundtrack too.


Just finished Cobbler.

Goosebumps all over, absolutely loved the music on interval 2.

Excellent vid. I really have no words for this Masterpiece.

Thank you.


I saw him today! He’s only there a few seconds…

Rode this today for the first time & decided would be a perfect session for rollers rather than trainer, what a great idea…
Great fun session except for 3rd interval music and that electronic voice over of I have a dream really annoying.
Fun to have the commentary going on though, always love hearing Bob Roll!
Good work, entertaining way to spend workout time

Thank you for doing this. I had noticed that the cadence was close to the music and that helped me maintain it, but I thought it was happenstance. Now I know that it was planning, and it is appreciated.

The hardest bit I found in Cobbler is the low cadences. Maybe you have a low cadence naturally, but I only survived to the end by spinning. Your 2 x 10 probably involves a high cadence. You could raise the FTP setting and cycle the first 10 minutes of the three intervals ignoring the recommended cadences. You could then “enjoy” the video I think.