Covid vaccine and training

Hi there, question for the coaches. Will be getting a covid - 19 vaccine next week. From what I have read the post injection side effects can be moderate—fever, fatigue, muscle aches, and generally last about 2 days. Just wondering what you would advise as far as training pre and post injection. Common sense tells me to rest up 2 days before, 2-3 days afterwards, monitor temperature and then maybe start off with some easy walks / rides.

I had a flu shot years ago, did a fitness test 2 days later and boy was I ever sick for a while. Not advised!

Nurse Liz


hey, I had the first dose of Sinopharm a couple of weeks ago and had no ill effects apart from a sore arm. apparently the second is worse, I’m getting that on monday so I’ll let you know next week.

for comparison I seemed to have repeating colds for about 2 months after the flu shot…

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Your plan sounds sensible. As I keep bleating on about though, get your vitamin D levels topped up with 5000iu/day. I think taking it easy for a while is a small hardship for the possible risks if you don’t.

I’m also in Healthcare and the Pfizer as far as I know didn’t have any odd side effects other than a sore injection site. The Moderna is supposed to be similar and the advice given was to take the vaccine before a weekend or block of time off.

I’ve elected to get neither and like you some years the flu vaccine makes for an off workout the evening of.

I had my first vaccine 6 days ago and aside from a sore deltoid the next day felt fine, though I did take a bit of a training break. I monitor HRV and it was low the following day, but back up in the green zone 2 days later. One more to go!

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I had my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine before Christmas. Minor soreness around the injection site but no other ill effects and made no difference to my training.