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Icarus is a great factual doc. Worth a watch and twists and turns the whole way through.

“Wonderful Losers” is a great movie about the domestics role… Watch WONDERFUL LOSERS: A DIFFERENT WORLD Online | Vimeo On Demand on Vimeo


It was near Columbus Circle and traffic was a mess. I was trying not to get run over while on a tank-like citibike. As a cycling commuter, I’m a stickler for safe riding, too. It’s the bozos that give cyclists a bad name. I thought the ebike delivery riders were even crazier in NYC. From casual conversation, they are the least favourite of the cab drivers.

Yes, I have ridden through Columbus circle and it is confusing, especially your first time through it. I hope nobody got angry at you for your mistake.

The bozos do give cycling a bad name, and when you call them out, they get very obnoxious. I have been stopped at a red light, and they get annoyed because they cannot get past you.

Unless there are concrete dividers, I actually feel safer riding in traffic, then in the cycling lanes.

The message and delivery cyclists can be the worst, even when they are in the cycling lanes.

Yes, exciting stuff, I wondered what the little icon was and then I found out. Really looking forward to watching Half the Road - it’s got good reviews on Facebook.

The Flying Scotsman about Graema O’Bree. So good, went to a talk by him a few years ago and he was amazing.