Downloading Videos on IOS. Slow?

Hi all

Anyone else finding that downloading the videos for use offline is incredibly slow?

I’m on an iPad (2 yrs old) and it can take well over an hour to download a single video on wifi. My broadband is pretty quick to be fair and done the usual turn everything off etc.

Just wondering whether it’s my set up or generally the case for people. By comparison I can download a 1GB tv show etc in a matter of minutes.

Thanks in advance.

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Seems Slower than I’m used for sure having just kicked one off to test it. In theory should he seconds on fibre here and I’m used to it being PDQ.

Butter taking a few minutes

That’s definitely frustrating. If this continues, can you please send an email to so we can look into this more for you?


Hi Dame Rebecca. Thanks. It’s been like that for a bit now. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled. But still took ages today to download for suffering later.


Rich Rogers

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I have same issue on my iPad, I’ve tried 3 different locations & so i know it’s not just my connection. I have given up & now use the workouts without video, frustrating.

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Hi, I’m also dealing with the same problem (2019 iPad, bought new 1 month ago). And I’ve noticed that the problem isn’t equal to all videos, it varies in a crazy sense. For instance I’m way over 20 minutes downloading Cadence Builds, and in that time I’ve watched Full HD videos on YouTube without struggle.

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This download speed is terrible…I have the impression to download a video takes almost as long as the duration of the video…using an iphone. My internet is fine.
Hope there can be a fix soon

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If you are still having trouble with this, can you please email us ( That will be the best way for us to be able to really troubleshoot this problem and collect information to pass along to our development team. Thanks!

Hi Dame Rebecca.
It’s still slow but I just make sure I prep in advance. It’s probably around 10-15 mins to download now.

Definitely slower than it’s been in the past but I’m ok with it.

Not sure about some of the other folks who have posted cheers

Hi Dame Rebecca. Just tried and timed it. It took 9 minutes to download Cobbler. That seems ok to me. That a 1hr45min video so probably quite a lot of data.


Rich Rogers