Duathlon Training

Hello all

It’s time I started looking for a new challenge and I’ve settled on the idea of duathlons (run-bike-run). I haven’t done any running consistently for a number of years now and no idea if I’ll even enjoy it anymore but I’m going to give it a go and see what happens.

I’m after training advice please. I’ve looked through the plans and only see triathlon plans… I don’t do swimming!

I’m also confused by some of the things I see on the running aspect of those plans… RTP?? RTHR?? I’m thinking the first has something to do with pace? The second to do with heart rate? Where do I start with working those things out (whatever they are) when it comes to running?

I could probably work something out from the triathlon plans but, left to my own devices, it’ll probably go horribly wrong so any help is appreciated.



I have the same question.

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At the beginning of my triathlon plans I was confused about the terminology as well. You should read this SUF articles about running. Especially „understanding running workouts“. Everything will be explained.

If any questions remain, feel free to ask. :slight_smile:

The need for specific duathlon plans was already discussed right in this thread. Since I already stated my opinion there and am too lazy to type up or copy another reply, forgive me if I just link to it.

My quick idea: Have a read through the linked article. Do a triathlon prep week to figure out your running „numbers“. Do a 12 week tri plan and sub swimming for strength. If you like it, do a custom plan or continue this road until proper duathlon arrives.

I always ran with a gamin watch and preloaded the workouts onto the device. It took some time creating the workouts initially, but after the first plan only short modifications to the existing data sets were needed. Worked like a charm.


@P.Weikamp Thank you for all the info, links, suggestions etc. It was all really useful to get my head around the terms… and the fact a higher percentage of RTP is actually slower. That one took a couple of coffees to get my brain around although it’s a really straight forward concept (coffee to strong perhaps?!)

I’ve definitely got some playing around with my pace etc to do. I’ve got the garmin watch already but I’ve just used as a bit of a toy until now. I’ve gone into more of what can be done on connect as well and think it shouldn’t be too bad to get set up and find a whole new world of suffering! Nothing by me is flat so this could get messy!

Thanks again