Elevation integration to Strava

Hi all - back on the indoor training after a 5 year hiatus.
I notice Zwift seems to transfer elevation data to Strava so I’m wondering if Sufferfest does? specifically for climbing style work outs?

Would also love to see this. It’s disappointing to do climbing exercises but not have elevation count to strava goals.

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This would be great, but it’s a little complicated for us. I’ll simplify a lot here but Zwift can do it because they use a ‘real’ continuous gps route for your ride, which is what Strava requires to do elevation calculations. For our workouts, there is no such route and you’re not doing actual, complete climbs. Having said that, we’ve discussed looking at ways to calculate elevation gain based on grade, weight and power. It’s complicated and would require some flexibility from Strava but hopefully we can get there at some point.


One more thing: When elevation will be added, maybe it’s worth revisiting the digital speed.

If I am not mistaken, the speed calculation doesn’t account for gradient. Depending on the workout, I am literally blasting over some hills even though I should be crawling. :slight_smile:


This points back to @David.McQuillen.KoS’s response. If we are going to do this correctly, it will touch a LOT within the app and our systems.