Fall Fitness Crash Cycle

Just to point out that Strava can’t even agree with themselves. These two versions come from the web on iOS and the iOS app

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I do not have any other than cycling with power data, so for me it’s impossible to make a different graph on app vs website. But, in the app, you cannot (de)select activities and sources, on the website you can. Did you check that?

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@Cyclopaat Thanks. On the web it defaults to Relative Effort whereas the app uses the “Power + Relative Effort” option. Mystery solved!

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Yes, because that uses only heart rate data. This is a request across platforms, to be able to calculate and take into account the effort’s metrics when people either use no power on certain activities, like running, or have one bike with and one without power meter.

Thanks @Coach.Mac.C I’d have been doing 7-8 hours a week on the bike during training, The base block would have built from 5 to 7 hours, before lasts weeks taper.

I’m not sure whether to swap to the end of the “transition up” plan for the next couple of weeks or to head into my next training block as planned?

Looks like other have similar questions to mine! Glad we are all able to help each other out!

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I did HM yesterday. 1/2 way through the pre-season XC plan. Not adding in extra rides and haven’t run since early Sept (ankle issue).

FTP + 12
MAP + 11
LTHR + 5
Weight + 3lbs
Strava fitness score still in the tank

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So it’s now down to 34. Lowest in 2 years. I’ve been consistently training. 34 doesn’t sound like someone who consistently trains.

Not to fear @ErickT, it will come back and you WILL be better for it.

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Thank you.

My Strava fitness trend crashed in July.
That was because I really did crash. Hit a badger and fractured my pelvis.

Hope you have healed up. That sounds awful.

It is just a flesh wound