[Feature Request] Season structure to plans

Bringing into the SUF forum to see who might be interested; some of you may have seen it before :slight_smile:

I use the plans regularly, but they seem targetted towards set outcomes and don’t seem to follow the standard ‘base, build, specific’ formula used by most coaches.

I’d love to see you provide a complete season of plans designed to start after the off-season break and continue right through to the next one, covering base, build, specificity and in-season training. From my limited understanding, base and build are likely to be the same for almost all cycling disciplines, then people could choose road, time-trial, off-road (long, short, marathon) etc. as required, then as the race season hits pick a ‘maintenance’ plan to keep them in the optimum zone to get through things as strong as possible.

Anyone else who’d find this useful?


I am trying to use the building block programs to achieve the same effect

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I looked at that, but it’s 3-4 weeks at a time so a bit more work than selecting a simple plan. Not impossible, but also needs you to have more of an idea around training than just selecting ‘Base’ plan.
There are certainly ways of achieving this, but following a basic progression of suitable plans is much easier, especially for anyone new to structured training.

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Thanks for the suggestion @andy - for season long plans including off season training- I’ll make sure this concept makes it onto our wish list for future development so our SUF Science can consider this as they develop training plans going forward!



Great idea. I’ve been trying to workout how I’m going to structure my off season this year. I don’t have the time to dedicate the hours to doing vast base miles, and I’ve read the Suf article on why base might not be the right approach (https://thesufferfest.com/blogs/training-resources/dropping-lsd-why-base-training-doesnt-make-sense-for-time-crunched-athletes ) but I’m not sure repeating the advanced general road plan all year is a good idea either.

May be it’s a good one for the coaches to do an article on?