FF results, when to set you targets lower?

I’m pretty happy with the NM gains, but I’m pretty sure it has to do with the fact that I didn’t understand how to use my trainer at first.

MAP and FTP are ok, but I’m pretty bummed about AC, is there any way to check if I can set it back to what it was before the test?

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Hi, you can change your 4DP numbers manually, yes. If and when in does make sense you can read up right here:


And to quote the proper section:

Anaerobic Capacity (1 minute): If you think your AC should go up or down a bit, then ride The Omnium. By the time you make it to the kilo interval your legs should be fairly well wrecked. If your average power for the Kilo is higher than your Full Frontal-set AC, you can adjust AC up 2-3%.

I hope this helps.


Well done @emilio123, those are some awesome gains! Full Frontal always takes a few attempts to get your pacing right an measuring AC is never pleasant as the final aspect. Here is some more guidance on pacing:

If you think you could have given it some more then, I would give it a week or so and go for another round of Full Frontal. Remember though you have seen some awesome results in other sections so no matter which workout you try next it will feel more challenging.

Alternatively, you can follow @P.Weikamp’s suggestion. Revolver is another workout which is packed full of 1minute efforts and if these don’t feel challenging enough then you can up your AC manually.


Although the one minute intervals in Revolver are set at a % of MAP so don’t directly tell you whether your AC is set right or not…

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I’ll report to flogging station #2 immediately :see_no_evil:

correction: The intervals on Half is Easy are based on AC.


This was so helpful, thank you a ton!

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Thanks, I have read this guide and completed the Full Frontal Prep Plan just before testing, I also followed the nutrition advice provided in “Eating to Suffer”.

I’ll try doing The Omnium before completing FF again.

Which plan should I go for next? I’m thinking FTP building blocks, is this a safe bet for my next FF if I want to raise FTP?

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Are you training for any specific event/goal or is the focus the 4DP? The FTP building blocks are good however bear in mind they only run for 3 or 4 week blocks which is a relatively short period to notice gains.
I would recommend going for something like the All Purpose road which runs for 12 weeks and has incorporated. It also has a Half Monty half way through for you to check in on your progress.

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