GCN Videos -- hidden gems?

In the beginning I kinda ignored them, but lately I find them amazing and super fun. I wish they were more integrated into the training plans


Am I the only one old enough here to remember when the Sufferfest videos were created so that we WOULDN’T have to stare at two people on spin bikes?


erm… no! totally agree. GCN might offer some nicely structured workouts, but they’re mostly delivered with a “free and you can’t opt out” TTBS supplement :roll_eyes:

You know you don’t have to do those workouts, right?

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referred to the TTBS supplement, not to the workout as such

I don’t know what TTBS means

Turbo Trainer Boredom Syndrome

find more historical information about Sufferlandria here Sufferlandria®: Culture – The Sufferfest


or TR for short :slight_smile: :smiling_imp:

I think the structure of the workouts is fine, but the video format / content really doesn’t work for me. I like sufferfest because of the humour and being a bit quirky, whilst giving you serious training. I prefer the novid over gcn, and just play some music or watch a replay of a bike race or a video from one of my rides. Yes I do realise I can turn vid off for gcn, but then… Might as well ride a novid…

Sorry :frowning:


New to Sufferfest…GCN spin classes compared to the usual vids = so boring.