Heart rate in yoga

Is it possible to pair a heart rate monitor in yoga?


No. But I sometimes record mine separately on my smart watch, just like I would at the gym. Then leave the Suf workout in Sufferfest and the watch recorded version in Strava and Training Peaks

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@rbtcr I dual record as well using my smart watch. In Training Peaks you can upload both files.

Auto-Merge In Training Peaks

Strava needs a 3rd party app that will allow you to combine files. I don’t bother as Strava is more social for me and yoga doesn’t really move the needle on fatigue anyway.

Strava Merging Files

Thank you. Didn’t know you could auto merge but was hoping to avoid double recording as my fenix watch isn’t my go to daily watch anymore. The sufferfest to garmin connect push is so good that I was hoping to only need to grab my hrm for what will hopefully become more frequent yoga sessions

And in strength. I think it has been raised and noted by the team

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