How are training plans customised to my 4DP Rider Type?

When I am looking at a training plan it says:

This plan is customised to your 4DP Rider Type

Does that mean:

  1. The workouts are chosen according to my rider type, or
  2. The workouts are adjusted according to my rider type?

i.e. for the same plan would someone with a different rider type get different workouts or the same workouts with different settings?


I don’t know the answer, but I think it’s different workouts for different rider types. Curious to hear the definite answer.


#1. The workouts are selected to fit your rider type and the goal of the training plan. There’s some more info here

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Could be some adjustment according to your rider type too! I’d like to see HHNF at 50%. Always :grin:


Should be used in more official SUF events I think.
And unofficial …

Hi @genolan- great question! The answer is…BOTH!

Some of the workouts in the training plan may differ based on the weakness type- so two people applying the same plan may have different workouts on each day based on their different 4DP weaknesses.

In addition, the actual intervals within each workout are customized to your personal 4DP profile. So even if you and I had the identical rider type and profile, the targets within the workouts will be different based in our individual profiles.

Hope this helps to clarify! Cheers!


Thanks @ellisa.podemski It’s really helpful to know that. I can therefore choose a plan which is based on my goals and let the software take care of my weaknesses. Nice!


Exactly @genolan- that’s the magic of The Sufferfest…well, actually, it’s the Science of The Sufferfest, but it seems to work like magic!


This is an interesting topic, I have wondered this for a while . When the topic has been raised on other groups there has been the blanket type answer which does not really explain anything. I did one ride in the tempo block when I had a mechanical and a few days off Suff. I deleted the program and re selected it now I am able to ride again.The workouts are quite different

In this case, it’s most likely that we updated the plan between the point when you first applied it and when you applied it a second time. We often update plans as we release new workouts, learn what works best, etc.



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So, this means I shouldn’t be adding a new plan until after my end-of-plan Full Frontal. If my rider type changes I will likely get a different plan with different workouts. If I add the plan now, it would lock the next one, and only the targets will be adjusted based in new/updated FF results. Is this correct?

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Yes. Do FF. then, when you have regained some level of motor control, rejoice in your results and choose your next plan.