HRV, Sleep, Calorie tracking; devices from Whoop to Oura - any others? Join in!

Good luck! I have been doing a little better with my recovery. I don’t have a training plan at the moment so I have been using the strain coach to guide my daily work out efforts. I have been following pretty closely this week and even with building some higher levels of strain I am recovering quite well.

It is a drag to wake up on a Tuesday, 94% recovered with a strain recommendation of 19 and knowing I need to go to work. That has yet to happen on the weekend.

Let us know how it goes.


I used Whoop for over a year. the first month, it wasn’t accurate at all, but I switched to a bicep band and from then on it was great! The HR tracked with my Tickr and Apple Watch! I learnt a lot about recovery and found their podcasts to be informative. However, after a year, I felt like I had learnt what I need to from the app. I also started using an Apple Watch app called Autosleep recently. The app also gives me a ‘readiness’ score based on HRV and sleep so it pretty much does the same thing for around 30 buck a year, instead of a month. the data is not quite as in-depth as the Whoop, but it is enough for me…and a fraction of the price! Either way, HRV is an interesting metric and indicator and I will certainly be seeing an eye on mine in the future.


I have both AutoSleep and HearthWatch - practically all you need.


I just started using Whoop a week ago and I am very curious about how it goes using the Strain Coach. I wonder if it is best to use it to get the “optimal” level of strain everyday, or if it will be better to overreach periodically to increase fitness, knowing that there will be additional recovery. When I’m riding more outside I can imagine more days that exceed optimal, but off season when I’m on the trainer more it is easier to control the strain level.

I would be be interested in any insight that you develop

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Brief update I received my whoop band yesterday, let’s see how it goes. The band, sensor, fit itself ok, but first impression not really good updating firmware was a bit annoying had to try several times, then the “syncing”-process is really slow when I compare it to syncing my Garmin watch. I don’t know if it’s because my profile is empty and the system was setting up…but not impressed! Did anyone else experience same?

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@JC2020 Congratulations. I have not had bad experiences with firmware updates. Occasionally, I have had Bluetooth pairing issues where I had to go to settings on my iPhone and select “forget this device” and re-pair. Not sure why. Has happened three times in six months. It does take a while to “learn” you but not having had a Garmin watch for several years, I do not really have a comparison. I usually have the app running all the time so syncing is quite instantaneous.

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@stevecalcaterra I have recently started using the strain coach to guide workouts since I do not have a training plan that I am currently following. Haven’t been using it enough this way to have an opinion one way or another. I would think periodically overreaching is desirable and my weekend rides are usually over-reaching. During the week it is difficult to overreach due to time constraints. I have had several instances of high recovery mid-week that is a bit frustrating as I cannot always meet that level and my weekly PA states that my training is “sub-optimal.”

I agree that using the indoor trainer really helps manage the strain. Even then mid-week sessions can be difficult due to time.

I want to start a new training plan and see how the two sync up, if at all.

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