Implement Garmin Training Effect / License Firstbeat Analytics

I would love it if Sufferfest workouts would be transferred to Garmin Connect with training effect and training status. For this to work The Sufferfest would need to license Firstbeat technology.

Right now, it’s not possible to use the previously mentioned Garmin analytics without a complicated workaround.

I realize, now that Garmin bought Firstbeat and The Sufferfest joined Wahoo, it means implementing a technology from a direct competitor.

Is there any chance of this happening?

Are you able to connect your Garmin while doing the workout, And record direct to Garmin that way…

I could do that as I use iPad connecting to my Wattbike via Bluetooth and the Garmin connects via ANT+.
Mind you ANT + allows more than one connection at a time

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I am, thank you for this suggestion. It’s the workaround I mentioned in my previous post.
It works, but is not an elegant solution.

I don’t like to fumble around with electronics and want to keep to a minimum. Plus, my watch never recorded the rpm this way, and the workout title was not added. It’s not a long term solution.

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This is something I would like very much too.

The activities get sent to Garmin Connect already, how hard can it be to get training effect as well (although maybe it’s something more on the Garmin side of things?)

I have a Tacx NeoBike and since Tacx is owned by Garmin, I would have thought it would be fully compatible.

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