In-season Criterium

I came off the back of the All road plan (18th April) and have had a few events then I restarted the AR plan at the start of May. I did a test crit at the end of may and decided my AC was lacking so have been on an AC building block until now (rest week).

I am entering some weekly evening criteriums starting next week, and I’m looking at the crit plan as that should fit the bill, however, I am a bit spooked by the fairly big workouts on the day before the race, I am used to the week before an event being essentiall the 4DP prep week. For example (day before race days on crit plan):

Cash register + Who Dares
Team Scream

I know the 12wk crit plan seems to culminate on a 4DP or Target Race, I do not have a ‘target race’ per se, but want to try and do maybe 3 x weekly crits, week off, then 3 more.

Any ideas?