Irritation on calendar h

On the training calendar the days of the week are (left to right) Monday to Sunday…

When you try to change the date of a workout, for some reason the day are shown Sunday to Monday. This is actually rather annoying.!

I had to stick these two I ages together as a new user I was not allowed two images

Good catch.
Perhaps the feature request should be to select the starting day of the week, then make sure it’s applied across all calendars/date selectors consistently.
Where I’m at, for instance, the week starts on Sunday, not Monday.


I think weeks should start on Wednesdays so that the weekend is in the middle of the week. Breaks it up nicely… :t_rex:


@Stonechat- thanks for pointing this out to us! I’ll be sure to include this in our wish list of feature requests- we have quite a few changes to the calendar on our wish list- but this is actually a new one! Thanks so much for the great suggestion!