Is Cyclic trustworthy?

I did the pre-order on a set of Gen 3 Cyclic lights back in August when they were promising shipping in September. Shipping has now slipped twice and they are saying November for the back light and January for the front. It is feeling more like a Kickstarter than an order from a shop.

Does anyone know how trustworthy Cyclic is as a company? They look good, but if there is a chance I’m not going to get the lights and the company is going to disappear with my cash I’d rather ask for a refund now and get a different set of lights especially as this is the time of year that I really need good lights.

They’ve been around for a while. I got the original Fly, when they were (indeed) more like a Kickstarter thing. They’ve kept doing that for some reason. Not officially, but I’ve seen it mentioned a couple of times by others.

These delays might well be caused by Covid-19 related delivery issues - Hammerhead (Karoo 2) is experiencing the same thing.

You’ll eventually get your lights, but if you don’t want to wait, cancel and go for something else. I switched to Garmin and GoPro after my first set of Cycliq lights/cameras.

I got a mail to say the Fly 6 is now shipping, but based on when they were ordered so it will be spread over 3 to 4 weeks so I might get it for Christmas.

I can’t speak to the shipping , I have a set of these from maybe 2 years ago that I’ve used for maybe 400 hrs of commuting. They have worked well.

The video quality is alright, good enough to hold someone accountable if needed, which is why I bought them.

The good reputation is the only reason is the only reason I stuck with it, otherwise I’d have been asking for a refund a long time ago.

I’ve not seen the old ones so just hoping the new version is worth the wait as I’ve pretty much moved indoors for the winter now so won’t be using them much till next season.