Is Cycliq trustworthy?

Interesting… @JamesJordan I wonder if my experience is related to the older products (mine are about 5 years old). I’ve ridden them in all sorts of hell and only had an issue washing the fly 6 with a hose. Once it dried out was fine. I almost never ride in the rain now… I’d rather suffer gva style than deal with slippery roads, so I’m not likely to find out how the current model stacks up until I do a race in the rain.


Got caught in a bit of rain on today’s ride and just noticed a little bit of moisture in the edges of my Fly 6.

Going to email support and see what they say.

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If you are taking about the FLY 6 Gen 3 … this happens on every unit. I did read that Cycliq is aware of this issue and we may be able to get a “updated/modified” version. Not sure if I will bother as you have to send in your current unit and it will take weeks to get a replacement … like usual.

That’s the one. My wife thinks it might just be the glue that is reflecting and I’ve not noticed it before. I’ve sent pictures and will see what they say.

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I’ve just sent my new fly 12 back to get replaced. Basically it just stopped doing all Bluetooth - zero zip nadda bt at all. Took me a very frustrating 4 weeks of support not reading the anal retentive detailed list of troubleshooting steps I’d already followed, before finally a sales manager jumped in and offered much better support…

In the meantime guess I’ll just use my old original unit. My new fly 6ce still hasn’t arrived about 5 months after ordering. But tbh if rather wait - and get a better product, than have to send it back because something fundamental is not working correctly.

I got an automated reply from support apologising they’d not responded yet and they would get to me in 3-5 days, that was about 5 days ago and still nothing.

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I’ve talked to Cyclic, they have accepted the issue and are going to send out a replacement rear light. Obviously they want the current one back but are prepared to wait till I get the replacement before I ship it to them.

It has been a slow process, but the results are looking good.

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I’m probably late to the conversation, but I have had Cycliq cameras for a year and a half.

Their customer service is slow specially if you live in the US since they’re based out of Perth, Australia. They replaced my rear light about a year ago which took about a month or so.

Other than their stuff is neat, I wish their app was a bit more user friendly.

They are good for rides less than 3 hours. I am sure there more settings I am not aware of, but normally they will die on after 3 hours which still is a pretty solid ride.

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That sounds like my experience, the kit is good quality and solid but the sales and support is very slow.

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Just had another reason for the cycliq on the weekend. Front and rear video footage makes the whole police reporting process so much easier


My rear light is now definitely faulty, it wouldn’t turn off after a ride then wouldn’t turn back on before the next one.

It is already set for a return when a new one arrives because of water getting in so I’m assuming that has broken something.

I’m still happy with them overall, just putting up with the slow progress of things.

And hope you are ok after the incident, sounds bad if the police are involved.

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finally got my new fly 6 gen3. quality is def better than my old fly 6, but the battery only lasted 3 hours - whereas my 5YO one lasts about 4.5hours still. The new one is substantially smaller - I really wish they’d put another 20gm into it, and made the battery much bigger. Going to try 720 video and different light settings tomorrow to see if I can get more time (I’m typically doing 5-7 hour rides so I really want it to go the distance).

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I’m supposed to be getting my replacement 6 shipped this month but as the old one is still working I’m not chasing them on it till early July,

Every time I reply to a message here to say I’m still waiting for things they arrive!

I’ve now got my new Fly6 (rear) but been told I have to pay the postage to send the broken one back. I think that is the end of my dealings with the company. Twenty quid to return a broken item is eating most of the savings I got from buying the bundle in the first place.

Normally you’ll pay to ship back to them, and they will pay to get you the replacement unit? That’s certainly standard procedure in Australia.

Have done a couple of long rides with the new 6. Image quality is good, but battery life poor. My 5yo fly 6 still has longer battery life than the brand new one. I’d happily take an additional XX grams of weight and get a lot more battery life. Part of the attraction was a single unit that could do both my lights and a camera. I’ll try next with just camera only and see how far I get.

Looks like it’s about 4 hours with lowest light setting and 720@60fps.

If happily run 720@30fps too - if it were an option. Fewer fps should result in longer run time.

I’ve not returned to many things under warranty but the ones I’ve done, the retailer has paid as the product being broken is their issue.

I’ve not timed the run time but I’ve done three hour rides in one go but then had it die at some point in the next ride.

and… my new Fly6CEGEN3 has just died. Like just totally dead. Zip nadda nothing. I put ye olde Fly6 on for today’s ride instead. Luckily it’s still going… will update to let you know how the warranty process goes.

Mine locked up once and refused to do anything and I fixed it with a reboot. I think it was just a case of holding down the power button for 10 seconds or something like that. Try it, if that doesn’t do anything, or you can’t find instructions, let me know and I’ll dig out the instructions I followed.

Sad news.

Just got mine in use now too and feeling lucky it’s so dry !!

Yeah tried that… Tried various other combinations of holding the two buttons down. Sacrificed a chicken. Last option… Raise a support ticket :confounded:

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