Is this normal?


I am using ERG mode and power smoothing on an Elite Drivo 2. The power seems way more spiky than anything I’ve seen in this forum. Is this usual?


That is perfectly normal. What you often see is graphs from people with wahoo trainers that have ERG Smoothing turned on. Whereas the Suf smoothing just smooths the displayed watts, wahoo smoothing smooths the data before broadcasting. So you get falsely smooth data recorded.

It makes no difference to the actual function as what you have in your graph is actually what’s happening.


Awesome. Thanks. That’s really good to know.

It seems to be a bit easier to get up to the required power if I hit the right cadence just as the power/cadence shifts up. Then I get a smoother transition and a bit smoother line.


Yeah, especially on more sizeable lower changes I try to be “at” the right cadence by the time the change happens so generally spin up about a second before.