Jerky pedal stroke when out of the saddle

Hi all,
Have been using Sufferfest for about 3 weeks now but I am struggling with out of the saddle pedal rotation.
I am using a Kickr core and have done my 4DP and using ERG mode.
The problem is that when asked to stand and I try and hit the cadence target it just feels like I am in far to low a gear and I get a very jerky clunky motion, part connected and part disconnected if you get what I mean. If I slow the cadence right down I can get a slow smooth pedal stroke and usually still hit the power target.
Is this down to poor technique or do I need to re do my 4DP?
Any advice greatly appreciated.

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The 100rpm standing attacks in Angels used to seem impossible, I came to dread the sound of the gunshot and the message “Contador attacks!”. After riding it twice a week for months eventually my technique improved and the different muscles that were being engaged when standing could cope with longer until eventually I could complete the interval.


I find high cadence while standing really difficult. Anything above 85 rpm is tough, and my natural standing cadence is more like 75.

If the workout calls for standing, I ignore the cadence target if it’s over 85, and just do my best to keep a high cadence.

I’m working on cadence drills regularly, and can hit 150+ seated when warmed up, but it hasn’t really seemed to transfer to higher standing cadence yet.

I don’t think you need to redo your 4DP, especially if the power targets are reasonable elsewhere. And you’re definitely not alone in feeling that high-cadence standing efforts are awkward.

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Standing at high cadence exponentially melts my thighs. I keep telling myself it’s worth it. I would love for Suff to make a 30 min workout dedicated to improving high cadence standing.