Kickr climb - worth it?

Well I bought the axis pads for my Kickr. And of course they do have more movement compared to the standard Kickr footings. I haven’t noticed a significant change In comfort levels on the various workouts I have done over the last 10 days. They do give a slightly more realistic feel to indoor training, but that’s about all!

Question in the Climb.
Does the setup feel as stable on hard sprinting with the front forks in the Climb, compared to front wheel in a riser?

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I’m curious also. I’m considering a Climb but my setup sits on a Wahoo mat on top of carpeting. I’d rather not have to place plywood under the Climb. The Core is so stable that I’d been able to remove it.

Muscle fiber recruitment difference is probably from a couple of things. If you’re standing, tilt only changes handlebar position. If you’re seated, I can see it changes the forces into your lower back a bit.

I think the biggest thing missing for climbs, other than bike motion, is the proper torque vs instantaneous pedal velocity curve, which is different on climbs and flats, and I don’t think any machine has addressed this correctly yet. That’s necessary to get the “dead spot” effect right. Systems like the TacX Neo (and maybe the climb as well, I don’t know) can in principle do this, but I don’t think they have fully implemented it, based just on what I’ve read.

@Fantom If anything, it feels more stable to me. However, I’m not an out-an-out sprinter (5s: 896w)

As I see it, it can’t duplicate gravity, and the app already adds resistance so I don’t see the point.


It took a bit to get used to the bike rising on the climbs. I do find it really helpful for engaging different muscles and for standing on climbs, since the bike position is more upright. It feels more immersive when climbing.

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I have a decent sprint too (certainly in comparison to FTP). The wheel came off my Kickr core today (well the foot covering). I did get a new badass 5s record though.

Anyone with a CLIMB who hasn’t ridden Norway yet is massively missing out. (CC @therese.kirchner - you’ll definitely want to add this to the list of supported rides for the CLIMB - The Wahoo KICKR CLIMB – Sufferfest Support)!

I like my Climb. Not a necessary bit of gear, but it makes the training just a bit more immersive. And virtual rides on FulGaz or Rouvy are definitely better with the Climb.

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Totally agree