Kitchen Sink Thoughts?

I did kitchen sink for the first time at the weekend as it was on the plan.

It was pretty painful, not mentally as taxing as first feared being sat for 3 hours on the turbo due to the flicking between different videos to keep it interesting.

However these bits from each video are pretty evil, GVA picked all of the best/worse bits from each one! Managed to get through the video, it was tough at times but I could not manage to do the downward spiral sections at the end for 3 of the longer ones at the start I could only do about half the interval as i was suffering!

Anyone else found this? Having done the knighthood recently I would say that this video is almost as bad just condensed into 3 hours!


I can’t imagine completing this at 100%

I completed it at 100% several months ago and I still do not know how I managed to pull it off. I believe I was due for a FF at that time though. It is the hardest effort I have done on the trainer so far (except for FF, of course, but it’s a different kind of effort).

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For me, it’s one of those workouts that I did once, but will probably never (voluntarily) do again.


I haven’t Suffered through Kitchen Sink since October 2017. This was before I completed Full Frontal, as evidenced from my rather mediocre fitness statistics from the session.

I can’t call it a “100%” effort, which clearly means I must revisit this delightful festival of pain and glory in the near future.

Will it be miserable? Almost certainly. Will it be worth it? Debatable. Am I going to do it anyway? Yepper!

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I made it to the 40 mile mark 2 hrs and 23 minutes of Kitchen Sink today @100% effort, with a few breaks along the way during “The Shovel”. I was completely spent and HANGRY. Next time, I’ll prep with a feedbag or SAG plan.

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