Knighthood Attempt Question

Hi. I am currently in the Knighthood training plan and tomorrow I have 5 workouts scheduled as part of the plan. My actual attempt is on December 19. My understanding is that part of the rules for the Knighthood attempt to be valid you have to announce the attempt on public media. So, consider this my announcement: I plan to storm the castle on December 19.

But here’s my question. What if I get to my 5th workout tomorrow and feel really good and just continue on with another five workouts until completion. Will that count as a satisfactory Knighthood attempt since I didn’t officially announce tomorrow as my date?

I know I may be thinking way too much about this, but if I did actually do 10 tomorrow I would hate to have it not count because of a technicality. The bottom line is that I do not know how picky the minions are who validate the Knighthood attempts.

In order to cover all bases, December 19 is my planned attempt with a possibility of completing it tomorrow.

Does anyone have any guidance on this?


I think you’ll be fine if you decide to go ahead tomorrow. You’ve made the announcement!

Just in case, post some progress info tomorrow during your 5 video session. Doesn’t have to be every video, but something at the start at least, and then something part way through.


Thanks for the advice, Sir Way9e0! I’ll do that.

Best of luck with the Knighthood attempt, whenever you attempt it.

I found the 5 video session in the training plan really useful preparation. It’s a long one if you do the videos the plan proposes.

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I agree that the list of videos in the training plan looks a little daunting, and they are not necessarily the ones I would pick. So, I don’t know there’s a high likelihood I’ll continue past 5 tomorrow, but I do want the option at least if I feel froggy.

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You’ll be fine if you just do it (an approach I highly recommend :grinning:). After a few months of prep/putting it off I didn’t realise I was doing mine until #4 and didn’t mention it to anyone until #7. And lots of people seemingly do the whole thing on the quiet.


I need to print this quote on A0, frame it and hang it above my screen in the paincave. #knighthoodmotivationalquotes

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Thanks for the info. That’s good to know.

Enjoy the suffering! It is a mental challenge more than anything.