Knighthood Quests

Pain cave ready to complete KOS by the end of the year, current injury permitting :+1: my list is prepared, Thanks for the suggestions and tips. I think i will pass on riding in a nappy though :laughing:


So exciting! You are going to crush it! …when the time is right.


I’d totally avoid the 2 hour viddies… specificially ISLAGIATT. But I’m a lowly serf for the foreseeable future. Make yourself proud and the nation will also be proud


For anyone attempting this amazing feat, the best tip I was given was to keep your chamois cream in the fridge and apply between every workout. This tip helped me so much on the day :ok_hand::ok_hand:


How many calories would you guys recommend to consume during this endeavour?

I can imagine feeding the engine becomes tricky over such a long duration!

Hopefully no couchlandrians hanging around suggesting piling the donuts in :joy:

Good luck for anyone taking this beast on and congratulations to all the Knights who have succeeded :muscle:

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As many as you can is my recommendation. I just know I kept eating.

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Hello community members and special greetings to all the DoS and KoS,
I have started to play with the idea to try a knighthood myself. After already completing an Everesting I thougth I needed a real challenge though :wink:
What came to my mind the other day was: will my smart trainer survive this? I’m using a Tacx Neo (Gen 1) which I had never any issues with. But still I’m not sure if it is actually built for workouts of such duration. And I don’t plan on breaking the trainer.
So I wondered if there are any DoS and KoS here in the forum who already completed their knighthood on the Neo and who could assure me it will work without breaking it. That would make me more confident.

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My experience with Neo 1 (and now on a later Neo) is you could ride for days on it. I think I did my first one on a Neo 1 and another one on a Neo 2

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Thanks a lot for sharing your experience! I was a bit worried about overheating the unit but now I’ve got no more excuses I think. I’ll have to tell you later if your post was a good thing for me or a bad one. :smiley:


I don’t know how many calories I consumed, but my recommendations would be:

  • eat regularly (and start early) so that you don’t dig yourself into an energy deficit hole
  • have a mix of food options available, with some of it being real food, and some gels and bars
  • keep some food within reach on the bike so you can eat
  • make sure you drink as well
  • have some electrolytes available as well, either as a drink or tablets
  • practice in the leadup by doing a longish session (>3 or 4 hours) so that you start to know how it feels when your body has burned through its stored energy and is starting to use what you’re taking in during the event.

I am about to do my effort next Saturday and have been doing big blocks of multiple videos over the last couple of weekends.

I have done a 5hr and 4.5 hr efforts at 80% and plan to do it at 70% on the day.
I found that I am going through roughly 500 to 700 Kcal per hour.
So thinking l be using 600 Kcal per hour

My planning is based on

  • Given that you are doing the videos at a reduced effort the need for quick carbs will be less.
  • Need foods that are motivators
  • need to loose some weight so happy to have a real deficit

My plan is to

  • vegemite sandwiches on Bakers Low GI bread (3/4 of the sandwich per video.
  • One drink bottle per hour (500m with SIS electrolyte tablets) and extra water when I need it.
  • Boss Cafe Latte every 3 video (caffeine, sugar and coffee)
  • extra gels and shot blocks should I feel the need

My comrade in arms loves his Macca’s so I suspect that after video 7 (ISLAGIATT) he will be having a craving so might just be bad and have a quarter pounder.

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Working towards my Knighthood quest but I have a question about documentation. I don’t have social media accounts and my Polar flow only records up to 5hrs of data. Can’t I just submit a screen shot of the passport workout history from the app to the Minions? It has the time and date of the workouts as proof of completion.


I would also be very interested in an answer to this question. What sort of updates on the day of the attempt or online-documentation afterwards is allowed? I also don’t use facebook, twitter, … Are updates in this forum an option or could a friend use her facebook account to post for me? I can record the whole process in the app and on my Suunto Ambit 3 watch. But since I use the Suunto program Movescount, I would only have scrennshots from there or the sufferfest app as HoneeG suggested. Thanks for answering.


With the SUF app, we don’t have to worry about this as much anymore. Just do your quest and follow the rules and the app will let you and us know that you were successful.


To be honest, Team Scream at 7 was way worse than ISLAGIATT at 10. The transition from “pain” to “I am actively damaging my knee“ (still feels terrible) caused me to give up at 10, but I was mentally fine to continue. “You’ve made it this far, do you want to have to start all over again another day?” is a pretty powerful motivator. I felt that ISLAGIATT was a pretty apt way to cap off such a ludicrous endeavour :smiley:

TS at 7, on the other hand, was where I was the closest to throwing in the towel. I’m honestly not sure I would do that again. I was supposed to do HHNF there and TS at #1 but mixed up my playlist :man_facepalming: