Knights Of Sufferlandria - There's a new group here for you!

There’s a new group here for the Knights of Sufferlandria. It is private so you will need to request access.

Here’s how to join:

  1. Click the menu icon next to your picture in the top right of the screen
  2. Select “Groups”

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 10.32.16 AM

  1. Locate the Knights of Sufferlandria group icon and select the “Request” button
  2. Add your name, nationality, and listed number from the Knights list

@Sir_Martin try this one, it worked for me.

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On it. Going to have to point you to this though. See point #2. :wink:

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?? Don’t understand - the use of sir Cody Moore inappropriate or something?

Ps. It’s a good info page. When I try and ‘like’ it - it makes me go sign in. Even though I just signed in.
So I sign in
It take me to another page then pops up the sign in page again. I sign in again.
The it takes me to the front page of SUF again, nowhere near the page where I was trying to ‘like’ an article.
SSO gone mad.

Don’t know who created the Sufferlandrian honour system but…

2. Both Male and Females are Called “Knights” of Sufferlandria. This confuses people sometimes. Calling someone a Dame of Sufferlandria is on Offense to the Knighthood. Let’s talk about how that works real quick.

All Knights of Sufferlandria are referred to as “Knights”. However, when referring to an individual in the first person, you would call a Male Knight “Sir Aaron Johnson” or a Female Knight “Dame Erin Johnson.”

Here are a few examples so we don’t mess this up:

-A group of Female Knights are lining up to race. Someone says, “Those Dames of Sufferlandria are going to kick some serious Ass today!” That would be incorrect. They are not a group of Dames, they are Knights of Sufferlandria who will beat people down with their courage.

-When in doubt, replace the word “Dame” with the word “Sir” before you say it. If it sounds incorrect, you are probably doing it wrong.

-A Female Knight is seen off in the distance laying waist to a bunch of Couchlandrians, someone turns to you and asks who that is. You say, “That is Dame Johnson, who is a Knight of Sufferlandria!” That is all correct use of Etiquette.


Fixed, thanks @JamesT

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You are number 412, Sir, but no need for that now. You are in!

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Ha. I blame the Ministry of Pedantry. It seems that no matter how hard you try you can never leave.


Nah, make him do it again! (sorry :smirk:)

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Speaking of pedantry - is it not laying waste (instead of laying waist) (in the examples provided …
Puts jacket on, looks for dungeon key

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You’ll need to start a new “Pedantry” thread if you need the advice of professor Sir @JamesT on that one :wink:

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Hey, I didn’t start this! I blame GvA.


Looks like #3 will need to be updated for this new virtual space as well.

I’m also unable to access the list to find out what number I am…can anyone help!


Look for your name at the bottom of this page:

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Welcome Andy. was a strange link issue but recopying the link like above then seems it work.

Ooft. Little KoS badges appearing :slight_smile:


Thanks Sir Martin…I will try again. :hugs:

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@Bigbeardeddad.KoS - Neil - this is the thread you need

Thank you Sir

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