Kudos to the SUF team for the evolution of the app

Trying, and failing!, to complete The Best Thing in the World this morning at 100% got me thinking. The ‘vintage’ videos are still fantastic but also many I find super hard to complete at 100%.

The evolution (bringing in Sir Neal and others) and workouts from the last 2-3 years are still super hard but more manageable. This integration of the Sports Science aspect has elevated Sufferfest - and the additions of yoga, Inspiration videos, etc. continue to do so.

Sufferfest and its structured training has made me fitter than I ever been before, a stronger cyclist than I have ever been and more flexible thanks to the yoga! Love the music, videos and commentary of the videos: when I started indoors training a few years ago I started with Trainer Road and while it is excellent for training I wanted to poke my eyes out with pins I was so bored!

So kudos to all at Sufferfest for the continuous improvements and making this such an awesome platform (and community)


Yah, what Sir Steve @washsaint said. :slight_smile:

Yep fully agree here… awesome evolution!!

And also the comparison of vintage vids vrs current. I feel your pain! I find the older vids a killer and regularly have to take an extended break between intervals. In comparison the newer vids while an incredible workout do not leave me empty on the floor !!!

Thank you!

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