Let’s see your pain cave

I didn’t see the Headwind at first and thought you were only using that tiny fan, and was very concerned for a moment. :hot_face:


Yeah the headwind has it covered to 95%. This is just for emergencies and can be switched on by Alexa :wink:

I have 3 fans going. With a fourth one sitting around just in case.

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I have just the one, but it looks like I boosted it from MIT’s physics lab wind tunnel. Which I can neither confirm nor deny.


What kind of her new holder is that?

Thats one I got from amazon. My phone serves as remote mouse for my macbook which stands next to the tv when I suffer.
this one

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I tried using a phone mount on my stem, but it gets in the way when I want to chew on the stem… but mostly when I sweat - which is profusely. I’ve had my sweat activate or deactivate things and generally cause a huge mess when I try to press anything. :grimacing:


Thank you kindly

Well, what wall decoration could possibly be coming here…? :thinking:

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I guess I am more or less ready for the indoor season then :sunglasses:


Very nice!!!

I think I need to make the cave a bit more cave-like…


Nothing wrong with a pain-ballroom :grin:


Hail to dames and sirs of Sufferlandria. Here is a pilgrim who wanders in search of peaks full of pain.
Not being able to consider the sweet hills of Chianti as suffering, I started looking for new enterpainment stuff from about one year, when I heard the news of a new important eruption of Mount Sufferlandria.
Due to the good weather forecast, predicting plenty of lava snow for the next season and hoping for a quick release of the new android app, I decided to apply for citizenship in this forum.
As a sign of good will, I provide you with a photo of my paincave with a foreground of my first shredded chamois, ripped in glory after the last week when it had to undergo sequentially the nine hammers and a very dark place.
I would like to thank you for the support you give to suffering with the advices or personal experience.
Now I’ve got to go to erect a wood pillar in the courtyard for tonight ritual!


Is this really a pain cave, can I assume there is panpipe music in the background :wink:

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Actually i’m more in a blues, slide guitar phase. But maybe I’ll give it a chance soon. :wink:

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