Level selection for 4DP

Hi. I may have missed it here but I am going to do Violator and it has an IF of 92 and my coach @Coach.Jeff.H assigned with an IF of 82. I am on a “dumb” trainer so do i just open the settings on the video and universally adjust it down to 82%?
Thanks in advance for everyone’s help

I think Violator is just a case of 100% commitment to sprints each time, basically ignore targets and run it in level mode. The IF will relate to how you sprint targets compare to your FTP - ie if you are a strong sprinter relative to your FTP that workout will have a higher IF than if your sprint targets are weak compared to FTP. The link below might help.

Unless your coach has told you to run the workout at a set % of FTP/MAP/AC/NM then just give it 100% 64 times and bring a bucket!

Good luck!


Hi Alistair and thanks for the quick reply! I am using a Trave Trac fluid trainer so there is no mode settings to set.

@Alistair_Brown is correct. You just have to fully commit to Violator. Get it done keep pushing. If you hit them all, you hit them all, if you don’t … well, the effect is about the same if you go all in. The article he shared above is appropriate too. Thanks

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Thanks I hit or exceeded all of the sprints (max efforts) except for a few of the last 5 sec ones.


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