Level vs erg

has there been any consideration to offering a suggestion about trainer mode for given workouts, for example, using level vs erg on shovel or tool shed or giving a cue to switch? I find that on either of those, if I am in erg, when the high power efforts come up, I can’t even turn the pedals over at all. I feel like it might be a helpful cue to switch. Also, I’ve been using the app for 18mos now, new to the forum and am only just now realizing. That there are keystrokes to switch modes on the trainer from erg to level.

I think this article will answer your question:


Some of the workouts have a recommendation for level mode in the description. In particular, those with short intervals and big changes between the interval power, and the recovery power, like Violator.

The shortcut keys are great for being able to easily switch between ERG and level mode, and to select the level.


This is very helpful, thank you


It would be good if they incorporated the information in the chart within each corresponding workout.

This is I guess what I was thinking. If on the workout page that opens when a workout is selected it gave reference to whether erg intended or not. I printed and laminated the article that you referenced. Will use that as a cue sheet.


Good point @Hunterkhuston, we are working on ways to better inform you about things like this within the app. Still a bit off but it’s in the works.

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