Manually entering time for outdoor rides

I started a training plan including outdoor rides. Is there a way of entering a duration (or intensity etc) manually for any outdoor rides? According to the calendar my ‘actual’ time spent on outdoor is 0:00 every week.


For the moment, no, there is no way to do this. Sadly, the time will stay 00:00. The calendar view was added with only very rudimentary functionality to begin with.

Much more work went into the sport science and workout videos than the UI. :slight_smile:

The team stated on several occasions that more features will be released in the future. As far as I know there is no timeframe for this to happen. Me personally, I am still hoping for a few features to be released this year.


It’s been almost a month and finally I remembered to thank you for the reply! :slight_smile:

Shame about the unfinished features like this. I’m mostly loving the workouts, videos, etc, but little quirks like this are slightly irritating even if they don’t affect the core experience. It’d be better if the duration just wasn’t displayed for outdoor rides if there’s no way of entering a value.


This is also an issue with the Mental Strength Plan. The estimated time on the calendar item is the expected total time including amount of time you pause the video to complete the paperwork and other items. But when actually completing it, that pause time isn’t included and it only shows the video time. So when the whole exercise takes 20 minutes, but the video is only 6 minutes long, the item on your calendar shows up as only partially completed.


I’m not exactly obsessed with things being just so, but… this kind of sloppy is a little aggravating

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Realistically though, it really shouldn’t matter because it’s not really tracking anything. If you have data you upload to strava, try for the analysis.

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No, you’re right, it’s not a problem beyond giving the appearance that something isn’t working, which is minor at worst. Making sure you’ve done your hours isn’t how Sufferfest is set up, and I actually like that - especially if it means that what they have spent their time on is developing the training plans that the subscription is really paying for. And I’m really enjoying my plan so far. I say ‘enjoying’, but you know, suffering and pain mostly.