My SO is Awesome

Me, Watching the Pileup de France: “I’ve about dropped all the weight I plan to drop. I think I’d like to invest in a faster, high-end bike.”

My Wife: “You should totally do that. Cycling makes you happy.”


What awesome thing has your SO said or done to encourage you, recently?


Yes! After a working life that involved many and sometimes long trips away, hubby told me now he’s retired I can do my own trips and he will house husband. So I’ve already had 400km bike& camping trip and planning more​:+1::two_hearts:


It’s a trap!


My wife is awesome. I told her I want to buy a new motorcycle for the track. She said I should go for it, and by the way she wants us to buy a house at the coast. So those two things are apparently equal.


Mine is the best The comments on that Facebook post say it all.

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Had she said, ‘I don’t want you buying a bike ever again,’ then she probably wouldn’t have been your wife in the first place.

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My husband (faster than me but not training for a long event like I am) lets me chase him for my outdoor tempo rides (OK honey now I need my heart rate at 165 for 20 minutes…), and cleans my bike after every ride. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: