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I loved Kayabike. The passion those kids have is so contagious!


Perfect reco ride material… absolutely love them so far.

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Just did Half the Road yesterday… very well done documentary about women’s cycling. As a newbie to cycling (<2yrs), I was just floored by how behind the times the sport is… really shocking/ crazy archaic stuff. As an ex-competitive tennis player, glad the road was already paved for women in tennis. Highly recommend this workout/ video to everyone… both educational & entertaining.


Loving these inspiration rides. Using them to come back after abdo surgery. Perfect light intro

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‘Tommeke, I’m just a big fan’ really was a hot mess. But most of the inspiration video’s have been quite great! From the bigger budget ‘Wolfpack Insider’ and MTB focused ‘A Dog’s Life’ to the little indie gem ‘Kayabike’, I like the variety.

@Sufferfest: May I suggest getting in touch with the Sporza-team at VRT in Belgium? The amount of amazing cycling content, documentaries, video’s and such they have is absolutely mindblowing. There’s a lot of content focussed on Belgian riders, but they have some beautiful programs spanning from the 60’s to present day. Most of it is in Dutch, but with subtitles it’s well worth it.

And I hope there’s a partnership coming with GCN and their new GCN+ docu’s.


@David.McQuillen.KoS Are you planning to add A Dog’s Life 3 and 4? I see a reference to this being Season 1 so perhaps this is already in the works.

Season 2 is coming at the end of September. There will be a bunch of new films. Can’t yet say whether DL 2 & 3 will be part of that, but we do have some absolutely amazing films in there – I think it’s looking like an even better mix than Season 1.