Nit-Picks and Typos

So, you’re not supposed to scream like a mouse during each sprint? :rofl: :mouse2:


Just looking at the time trial plan.
It says it is to train for TT 10-40km / 6-13 miles.
Should be 6-25 miles.

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Be be :honeybee:


The Workout “Primers” contains two unnecessary sounds in the “PRIMER 2 SUSTAIN” effort at 15:25 (speedup sound) & 15:36 (break sound) although the pace is constant.
Those two should be deleted.

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In Full Frontal around 10:55 it says something to the effect,
“last effort before the main efforts”

Maybe instead

“let’s rev the engine one last time before the main efforts”


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Around 6:35 into Across The Mountains it sounds like Mike Cotty is saying “…you shouldn’t really be doing this, you’re a fool” but the subtitles read “you’re full”

This has been mentioned before (back in November), but it’s still there, so I thought I’d toss this back in here. On the MT video, Getting Positive, around 8:30, it says, “The pace is high and you lfeel like you…” Just need to remove the extra l in feel.

Finally had time to try “It Seemed Like Thin Air” - fantastic suffering, almost had an out-of-body experience during the last 40-minute climb. Before that, though, I noticed a reference to Rubber Glove at the 2’30" mark in the warmpup, and a line “Gotta with this” around 1:07 during a sprint - Gotta go with this? Gotta win this? Not sure if these have been mentioned before… it’s a long thread.