Nit-Picks and Typos

Found a few other things in G.O.A.T this morning.

First, this paragraph towards the beginning needs to say “as ‘a’ multi-hour base ride”

Then in this section, the words “Legs Like This” seem like they should be superimposed over the pistons. However, the words don’t show up until after the clip of Mike Cotty starts playing.

And then all the oversized caption boxes were fixed except for this one. It doesn’t scroll off the screen, but it is oversized and doesn’t wrap onto multiple lines like all the others.


Kitchen Sink at 2:12:06 spelling error ‘breifly’ image|690x348



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Intermediate Strength 2b
At 3’45" in the voiceover says to rotate shoulders to the right as the demonstrator rotates to the left.

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GCN Muscular Endurance Intervals - at the end of each 12 minute interval the final 2 minutes are to be done standing. There is no on screen box saying ‘stand’ like other videos and if you weren’t watching the video or had the sound on i think you may miss the stand element.

@emacdoug So ISLTA has that typo baked into the video - it’s not something I can fix, but I’ve logged it for Francois or DMcQ

I fixed what I could in G.O.A.T (first and last screenshots). I also found an inelegant solution to the “upper body like / legs like” section, but had to include a bit of punctuation (a period) in order to get our content management system to have the text low enough. Let me know what you think :arrow_heading_down:

Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 7.52.07 pm

@Ali_S - good catch, fixed!
@Sir - I’m not able to fix this myself, but I’ve passed it along to Suzie on the team :slight_smile:
@Sandy_Thomson - I’ve logged this, but I don’t think we’ll be able to resolve that without a re-shoot. I’ll consult with our sports science team to see if the voiceover or the movement is incorrect.
@Sir_Craig - This will be fixed next week, thanks for flagging this :beers:


That looks like something I’ve done before. hehe. It almost hides in the bricks… As an alternative you could leave the words “UPPER BODY LIKE THIS” on the screen and just add the words “LEGS LIKE THIS” below with a carriage return or two in between. That might look slightly less inelegant? Assuming the text doesn’t shift when you add extra lines below… :slight_smile:

I assume that’s because it’s a mash-up and it needs to be re-mashed? I feel re-mashed after my SUF workouts, this morning.


Very minor this one (if I’m right!)… Angels has a track called “Ion Square” credited to “Block Party”. If it’s the band I know, it should be “Bloc Party”.

The Wretched @ 11:21 “They’re all going to lose today. to you. Right?”

That’s a Mike Cotty classic! So no @gpsjared you can’t correct that one as it’s Mike talking whilst riding (Way out? )

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it’s probably this setting here… when doing a workout at highly reduced intensity, I guess it doesn’t make sense to reduce the recovery sections, so the blue bar doesn’t come up to meet the green line. I’ve only really noticed it on recovery sections on “reduced by the plan” workouts. I thought I noticed it elsewhere but may be mistaken.