Nit-Picks and Typos


@durandal @Pierre.Weikamp - squashed those, thanks :fist:

@genolan @DameJo - Put those on the board for Sir DMcQ and set a reminder to poke him again next week so I should have a better idea of when those fixes are made and share them here. :beers:


@gpsjared In Defender, the second to last song says it’s “Elektrobeat” by Luigi Talluto. This is probably my favorite track in the video. However, after having found said song I also found that tho it sounded somewhat similar, it didn’t match up. I did some Shazaaming and found that it is in fact an exact match for an entirely different song. “Richter” by ‘Makeup and Vanity Set’ is the name of the song and artist according to Apple Music.


Open 30. Approx 1m30-40s in, Sufferlandria is spelt wrong (only 1 f).

Picture that gets fed to Strava is for the Open 15 workout

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Blender, start of the second Threshold block, around 30 mins in? Main text on screen describes an 8min interval, text in bottom left of screen describes an 8m30s interval. Couldn’t tell which one was right by the end…

Hi, Team.

A few errors in Tempo High Cadence 4x3:

This one should be “…above its normal…”

This one should be “… give your legs a solid platform…”

A small typo with “cadence” misspelled here:

I think this one should be “Great job! 1 down, 3 to go.”

Three things for this one: a comma, breaths, and you’re. “… small, shallow breaths just because you’re spinning fast.”

“Nice, big, deep breaths…”

Have a great day!


Can you flick me a screenshot of the Strava upload image please? :beers:

[Edit] For the Blender issue, is it possible your vision was effected by holy water? The text looks good, if this is the same segment we’re talking about…

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cc @emacdoug

Fixed! :raised_hands:


I’m on it! Thank you!

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Here’s the Strava screenshot of Open 30 - the actual video is a nice Michael Cotty downhill cruise, not Hammer series


And yes, looks like I couldn’t think or see straight during Blender. Can’t find that pop up that (I’m sure) said 8m30s now. Have looked on PC and iPad versions but there’s nothing there apart from the song name.

Wow, maybe I wanted there to be more suffering, 8m wasn’t enough…


@gpsjared I had Cadence Builds in my KOS training plan, today, at the beginning of the 4th week.

On the training calendar, the workout says it should last 1 hour (1:00:00). However, the Cadence Builds workout only actually lasts 36 minutes. And there are no coach’s notes associated with workout in the KOS training plan telling me I should for example do 10 builds instead of 6, etc. So, my calendar now shows Cadence Builds in orange because I did fewer minutes than the training plan called for, even tho I did the workout as specified. Seems like this needs to be corrected, somehow, either by reducing the planned time from 1 hour down to 35 minutes, or by adding coach’s notes to recommend doing the workout for longer than 6 builds. I added a 30 minute recovery ride afterward, but that doesn’t change my Cadence Builds from orange to green.



@emacdoug a while back Cadence drills was an hour, but it was subsequently reduced to 36 min. Looks like that change did not make it into the Knights’ training plan.


@Erik-KOS I had a feeling this was likely the case.

In Recharger’s cadence pyramid (14min12sec on the down-side), cadence says 90rpm, speech bubble from rider says 95rpm.

Greetings from the MoP


Recharger: MAP elevators are 15secs long, not 45.

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I guess that’s because there’s three of them - they add up to 45s


Thanks Dane Isi!
I get the meaning…unfortunately this should read “a set of 15 second intervals”.
If it’s a set, then all intervals in that set would be 45secs long the way that is written.
thanks, Mark


Found two errors between yesterday and this morning:

  1. Getting positive - this one was mentioned previously but I will just mention it again

  2. Violator - around the 39min mark:

He’s too happy about that. This sounds weird, should it not be: He’s not too happy about that? Or if he is really happy about that then the too needs to be removed IMO

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I think the Violator “too happy with that” is correct. It makes sense to me. I don’t know if I can’t fully explain why, but I think it makes sense. That other cyclist is way too happy about winning that race. Like if you and your friends really dislike him and you’re annoyed that he’s jumping up and down and being all excited about winning. Because he’s display of happiness is annoying you, you would say “he’s way too happy about winning that race” because the amount of happiness he’s showing really annoys you because you lost. If anything, maybe it needs to change “with” to “about”. But, i think it works either way.

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agree. also not happy with “Tabatas” as these should then actually be longer than the recovery periods that separate them